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Author Title Journal Type
Wheeler Barry Advanced Testosterone Therapy in Men: Restoration and Balance 2013 November NDNR Tolle Causam
Steriti Ronald Testosterone Modifiers: Endogenous and Exogenous 2013 November NDNR Tolle Causam
Espinosa Geo Naturopathic Interventions for Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis 2013 November NDNR Tolle Totum
Tamburri Phranq Prostate Cancer Update 2013: Rethinking the Problem 2013 November NDNR Docere
Tamburri Phranq Prostate Cancer Screening, The PSA Debate Continues - Endgame 2012 2012 November;Vol8(11) NDNR Naturopathic Perspective
Cavaiola Matthew Can Testosterone Therapy Benefit Hypogonadal Men with Cardiovascular Disease? 2012 November;Vol8(11) NDNR Docere
Swanson Mark Prostate Cancer - Guiding Perspectives 2012 November;Vol8(11) NDNR Expert Report
Tais, Setareh Antioxidancts for Improving Sperm Progressive Motility February 2013 Natural Medicine [1] Abstracts & Commentary
Tais Setareh Ubiquinol for Idiopathic Male Factor Infertility 2012 September Natural Medicine [2] Abstract
Tais Setareh Treating Hypogonadism in Infertile Men 2012 August;Vol8(8) NDNR [3]
Schor Jacob Pistachio Nuts and Erectile Dysfunction 2012 February Natural Medicine
Tamburri Phranq PSA Screening and Biopsy, Are They Really Necessary? 2011 November NDNR [4]
Hahn John Management of BPH and Urinary Tract Symptoms 2011 November NDNR [5]
Yarnell Eric Naturopathic Approach to Phimosis 2011 November NDNR
McCoy JD Less Invasive Body Contouring: Naturopathic Aesthetic Medicine for the Male Physique 2011 November NDNR
Rissman Steve The Key to Understanding How Men Experience Chronic Disease 2011 NovemberNDNR
Reynolds John Treating Erectile Dysfunction: A Multifactorial Approach 2011 November NDNR [6]
Hernandez Marcel J. Interpreting and Using the PSA Test 2010 November NDNR Naturopathic Perspective
Carter Dan Hormone Restoration in Aging Men 2010 November NDNR Tolle Totum
Stansbury Jillian "Women’s Herbs" for Men 2010 November NDNR Botanical Insights
Kellerstein Joseph Prostatis: Follow-Up to ‘A Ball of Fire’ 2010 October NDNR Similar Thought
Espinosa Geo Cranberries in the Treatment of Male Urinary Tract Problems 2011 April Natural Medicine [7]