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Author Title Journal Type
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Brady David Autoimmune Disease, Paradigm Change in Disease Management 2012 April;Vol8(4) NDNR [2] Docere
Stansbury Jillian Herbal High Road Can Alleviate Pain 2011 July NDNR
Epstein Paul Pain as Teacher 2011 July NDNR [3]
Fine Anne Marie, Rodgers Sara How Toxic Chemicals in Personal Care Products Can Cause Harm 2010 October NDNR [4] Primum Non Nocere
Osborne Virginia IV Therapeutics for Disease and Pain Control 2010 July NDNR [5]
Darley Catherine Pain Disrupts Sleep 2010 July NDNR Tolle Totem
Sodhi Virender Chronic Pain Syndrome and Ayurved 2010 July NDNR Tolle Totem
Wazny Philip M. Effective Pain Releif 2010 July NDNR Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Lander Daniel, Neubauer Katherine Naturopathic Management of Arthralgias Associated with A1 Therapy 2010 July NDNR ONCANP Perspective
Crinnion Walter The Link Between Toxin Exposure and Chronic Illness 2011 June Natural Medicine [6] Podcast
Shao Andrew, Mackay Douglas A Commentary on the Nutrient-Chronic Disease Relationship and the New Paradigm of Evidence-Based Nutrition 2010 December Natural Medicine [7] Peer-reviewed
Austin Steve Fish Oil Reduces Chronic Pain in Case Studies 2010 July Natural Medicine [8] Abstract
Schor Jacob Cherry Juice Eases Pain of Running Race Participants 2010 July Natural Medicine [9] Abstract
Bone, Kerry Key Herbs for Pain Management 2013 Summer;Vol20 (2) Vital Link Research
Solomonian, Leslie Examining Children's Vulnerability to Environmental Toxins and Strategies to Minimize Exposure 2013 Spring;Vol20(1) Vital Link Research
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Robinson, Claire Don't Look, Don't Find: Health Hazards of Genetically Modified Foods 2013 Spring;Vol20(1) Vital Link Research
Pizzorno, Joseph Persistent Organic Pollutants: A Serious Clinical Concern 2013 Spring;Vol20(1) Vital Link Editorial
Lewis Elaine, Moscar Anthony, King Carly, Hogan Kelly Shift Work and Development of Chronic Disease 2012 Fall;Vol12(3) Vital Link Reserach
Casteels Brian, Lanigan Aisling, Haldane Jessa Chronic Pesticide Exposure in Farming Risks and Solutions 2012 Fall;Vol12(3) Vital Link Research
Crinnion Walter The Changing Faces of Lead-Induced Health Problems 2012 Spring;Vol19(1) Vital Link Editorial
Masur LC "No Lead is God Lead" - Towards a lower threshold for the diagnosis of lead poisoning 2012 Spring;Vol19(1) Vital Link Research
Patrick Lyn Lead Toxicity Causes and Effects 2012 Spring;Vol19(1) Vital Link Research
Lloyd Iva, Wilmes Stephan Chemicals in Personal Care Products 2011 Summer;Vol18(2) Vital Link
Fortinsky Gary Mercury Amalgam: Tooth Saviour or Toxic Reservoir? 2010 Spring;Vol17(1) Vital Link Editorial
Dempster John Mercury: A Case Review 2010 Spring;Vol17(1) Vital Link Case Review
Ward Tawnya Mercury Exposed: The Physiological Effect of Mercury 2010 Spring;Vol17(1) Vital Link Research
Spooner Chris Genetics and Environmental Toxins: Xenobiotic-induced illnesses associated with single nucleotide polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 and conjugation enzymes 2008 Fall Vital Link Environmental Medicine