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Author Title Journal Type
DiPasquale, Robin Menopause Support—On All Levels 2013 June NDNR [1] Botanical Insights
Gowie, Brandie New Guidelines Released for Screening of Cervical Cancer and Cervical Dysplasia 2013 February NDNR Primum Non Nocere
McCulloch Fiona Supporting the Luteal Phase With Integrative Medicine 2012 August;Vol8(8) NDNR [2]
Tais, Setareh N-Acetylcysteine and fertility in PCOS April 2013 Natural Medicine [3] Abstracts & Commentary
Chasse, Jaclyn Effects of Lactobacilli Suppositories on Vaginal Ecology During Pregnancy March 2013 Natural Medicine [4] Abstracts & Commentary
Hudson, Tori Top 10 Scientifically Substantiatied Botanicals for Women's Health January 2013 Natural Medicine Peer-Reviewed Articles
Baldwin-Lien, Beth Berberine Compared to Metformin in Women with PCOS December 2012 Natural Medicine [5] Abstracts & Commentary
Chasse Jaclyn Inducing Ovulation in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 2012 May Natural Medicine [6] Abstract
Cushman Gina Primary Risks of Oral Contraceptives and HRT 2012 May Natural Medicine [7] Peer-reviewed
Schor Jacob A Whiff of Saffron Changes Hormone Levels in Women 2012 April Natural Medicine [8] Abstract
Swanson Mark Melatonin Chronosynergy, Women and Aging 2012 February;Vol8(2) NDNR [9]
Chasse Jaclyn Insulin Sensitizers in the Treatment of PCOS 2012 January Natural Medicine
Darley Catherine Women’s Sleep Through the Ages’’ 2011 April NDNR Practice
Windstar Kimberley, Taulbee Lisa, Zelfand Erica Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia Type III, Successul Outcome After Escharotic Treatment 2011 February NDNR [10] Practice
Solomonian Leslie Low Sexual Desire in Women, Perceiving the Whole 2011 February NDNR [11] Review
Marchese Marianne Environmental Links to Breast Cancer and Endometriosis 2011 February NDNR [12] Review
Gleisner Deborah, Tais Setareh A Naturopathic Approach to Intrauterine Insemination 2011 February NDNR [13] Practice
Kaczor Tina Developments in Women's Health 2011 November Natural Medicine [14] Interview
Silliman Teresa Maitake Induces Ovulation in People with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome' 22011 February Natural Medicine [15] Abstract
Baral Matthew Probiotics and Pregnant Women 2010 April Natural Medicine [16] Abstract
Hudson Tori Ginkgo is Effective for Relief of PMS Symptoms 2010 March Natural Medicine [17] Abstract
Greenspan Olivia, Rawji Alisha, Sangiuliano Jessica, Sutter Shannon Female Healthcare Workers and Fertility: Risks and Mitigating Factors 2012 Fall;Vol12(3) Vital Link Reserach
Bove Mary Connecting the Threads of Disease: Cause and Effect in Female Endocrine Health 2009 Summer Vital Link Endocrine
Steels Elizabeth Reduction of symptoms associated with menopause: the efficacy of BioGest 2005 Summer;Vol2(1) IJNM Research
Zick Suzanna Prevalence and Patterns of Complementary Therapy Utilization in Pregnant Women 2005 Summer;Vol2(1) IJNM Editorial
Zick Suzann Red Raspberry Leaf: A Review of its Safety and Efficacy in Pregnancy and Labor' 2005 Summer;Vol2(1) IJNM
Guiltinan Jane Report on Women 2005 Summer;Vol2(1) IJNM