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CCNM's Department of Research and Clinical Epidemiology is a world-wide leader in advancing our understanding of complementary and naturopathic medicine as a viable, sustainable health-care system.[1]

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See Also Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Primary Research Clinical Trials [2]
  • Upcoming Clinical Trials [3]
  • Secondary Synthesis Research – Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses [4]
    • Natural health products for breast cancer: a series of 5 systematic reviews
    • Natural health products for lung cancer: a series of 10 systematic reviews
    • Planning a model for implementation, delivery and evaluation of integrative care for people with HIV
    • Developing a Community-Based Integrative Oncology Research Program
    • Interactions between natural health products and pharmaceuticals: a systematic review
    • The use of selenium for patients with HIV/AIDS: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    • Addressing Provider-Shortage Care and Collaborative Practice in Rural/Remote Areas: The Role of TCAM Practitioners in Rural/Remote Communities of Ontario
  • Peer Reviewed Publications [5]
  • Research Partnerships [6]
  • Donate to CCNM's Department of Research and Clinical Epidemiology [7]