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Conventional medical diagnosis is categorical, that is it explains "what" is happening within the body based on anatomical and pathological terminology. Naturopathic diagnosis encompasses the conventional medical diagnosis plus it includes an explanatory diagnosis that indicates "why" something is happening. There is a distinction between associated conditions and causes. For example, high cholesterol is associated with heart attacks, it is not the cause.[1] The cause of heart attack risk is more likely to be a history of smoking, high fat diet, lack of exercise or emotional stress. It is the "why" that relates back to the root cause.

Most conventional diagnosis are labelled in such a way as to primarily aid in the communication between medical practitioners and to direct treatment. Naturopathic physicians share this same aim, plus aim to communicate diagnoses so that it provides information to the individual that is relevant and informative to them. The aim is to provide insight into the cause of a condition or disease and assist them in becoming more proactive with respect to their healthcare.[2]


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