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The Oxidata™ Test is a monitoring test to determine the level of stress on the body caused by free radical activity. The colormetric (color absorbent) reading from this urine test has evolved from blood/plasma fluorometric data. This technological breakthrough measures the distant end of the polyunsaturated fat chain where aldehydes form as a result of free radical attacks. The test coordinates with lab measurements to create precise results from a urine specimen. Aldehyde activity is much more concentrated in urine.


The following are the general uses of the Oxidata test.[1]

  • The Oxidata test measures the amount of free radical damage or oxidative stress by measuring the level of a free radical called malondialdehyde (MDA) in the urine.
  • This test indicates the actual degree of damage to the cells caused by free radical activity.
  • Can assist in determining whether or not you are getting enough antioxidants through diet and nutritional supplements to effectively counteract free radical cell damage.
  • Provides feedback on the effectiveness of antioxidant intervention through supplementation or dietary and exercise changes.
  • Testing is generally done once or twice a month to monitor changes.


  • Collect a clean urine sample in urine cup.
  • Draw up one milliliter with the dropper.
  • Break top off of ampule and squeeze urine from dropper into ampule.
  • Wait five minutes; then hold ampule up to evaluation chart to match colors.
  • Record your reading on card.

Note: The day before you use the test, do not take supplemental vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B complex, or vitamin B-1 (thiamine), vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), vitamin B-3 (niacin, also known as pyridoxamine). Any oral intake of vitamins or medication that turns your urine to an excessively yellow color (Riboflavin) may interfere with your ability to interpret the reading of your value. If you are currently taking any medications consult with your physician about the results of this test.</ref>


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