The Naturopathic method of reducing dislocations after the great French physician Legrange

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Legrange collins.jpg
Author: F.W. Collins
Published: 1924
Publisher: United States School of Naturopathy, Newark, NJ
Number of pages: 112
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Product Description:

Using the celebrated method of Le Grange, Dr. Collins shows how dislocations and other items can be treated using manipulation and chiropractic. There are forty-seven full page photographs.

About the Author:

Dr. Frederick W. Collins (1873-1948), Founder of First National University, the United States School of Naturopathy, Mecca College of Chiropractic. At the Golden Jubilee Convention of the American Naturopathic Association, held in New York City in 1947, Dr. F. W. Collins received the award of “Dean of Naturopathy” as he was the last of the five great Naturopaths of America alive - Lust, Lindlahr, Collins, Riley and Tilden.