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The following books were some of the original textbooks for Naturopathic Medicine and provide information on the history of naturopathic medicine and its therapies.

Author Date Title ISBN To Order
American Naturopathic Association 1944 Naturopath and Herald of Health. Official Journal ASIN: B003C82H9E [1]
Bilz F.E. 1888 The Natural Method of Healing, a new and complete guide to health ISBN 978-1141176946 [2]
Collins F.W. 1924 The Naturopathic method of reducing dislocations after the great French physician Legrange ASIN: B003GM6J3Q [3][4]
Cordingley Ernest 1925 Principles and Practice of Naturopathy B0008CBVF8 [5]
Ehret Arnold 1922 Mucusless Diet Healing System: "Master Key" to Superior Health ISBN 978-0879040048 [6]
Ellington Harry 1914 Brain and Brawn: a Sound Mind in a Sound Body ASIN: B000PH0VZM [7]
Graham, Sylvester 1839 Lectures on the Science of Human Life ISBN 978-1146836319 [8]
Hahn Theodor Hahn's Water Doctor
Holtum Ronald A Thesis on the Philosophy of Naturopathy
Hufeland Christoph Wilhelm 1798 The Art of Prolonging Human Life ISBN 978-0766167186 [9]
Just Adolph 1912 Return to Nature ASIN B00089L566
Kuhne Louis, Lust Benedict 1900 The New Science of Healing ISBN 8171171567 [10][11]
Kuhne Louis 1942 Science of Facial Expression ISBN 978-0787305178 [12][13]
Lahmann Henry 1891 Scientific treatise on Nature Cure
Lindlahr Henry 1918 Acute Diseases: Their Uniform Treatment by Natural Methods ISBN 978-0766184831 [14]
Lindlahr Henry 1924 Nature Cure: Philosophy and Practice Based on the Unity of Disease and Cure ISBN 978-1603863889 [15]
Lindlahr Henry 1919 Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics ISBN 978-1162628752
Lust Benedict 1923 Foundation of Youth or Curing by Water How You May Quickly Overcome Acute and Chronic Illness By The Use of the Biological Blood-Washing Bath ISBN 978-0766178984 [16][17]
Lust Benedict 1930 Naturopathic Treatment of Disease (Volume 1) ASIN: B003161P5O
Lust Benedict 1938 Nature's Path America's Pioneer Cure Magazine B004JOKWDI [18][19]
Lust Benedict Kneipp Herbs and Their Uses: Regeneration of the blood by herbal juices B0007G08WC [20][21]
Lust Benedict 1923 The Blood-Washing Method, a Resorative & Creative Revelation for Ideal Perfection B0019K6HD4 [22]
Lust Benedict About Herbs ISBN 978-0722500743 [23][24]
Lust Benedict 1918 Universal Directory of Naturopathy ASIN: B0008CBVBW [25][26][
Murray Chas H, Murray M.S. 1915 A Drugless Treatment for Partial Deafness and Deafness: Osteopathic, Somapathic, Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Mechano-Therapic ASIN: B001CHVR5M
Priessnitz Vincent 1843 The Cold Water Cure ISBN 978-1162752556 [27][28]
Priessnitz Vincent 1842 The Cold Water Cure, its Principles, Theories and Practice ISBN 978-1145745179 [29]
Priessnitz Vincent 1843 Hydropathy: Or, the Cold Water Cure As Practised by Vincent Priessnitz, at Gräefenberg ISBN 978-1142525750 [30]
Rausse JH 1850 The Water Cure Applied To Every Known Disease ISBN 978-1104408053 [31]
Rausse J.H. 1838 The Spirit of the Graefenberg Water Cure see The Water cure etc. above
Rausse J.H. 1839 Miscellanies to the Graefenberg Water Cure see The Water cure etc. above
Rausse J.H. 1847 Errors of Physicians and Others in the Practice of Water Cure as Remedial Agent in the Prevention and Cure of Medicine see The Water Cure etc. above
Roy Leo R&D, Regime and Diet, revitalisation, restoraion directives for lifestyle
Spitler H.R. 1948 Basic Naturopathy ASIN: B0010OWK5S [32][33]
Trall Russell 1849 Hydropathic Encyclopedia ISBN 978-1178150940 [34]
Trall Russell 1861 Hygeiotherapeutics ASIN: B00087AMZI [35][36]
Yergin, M E 1925 This Book is Mine, the Harmony Feeding System ASIN: B003XGDH5I [37][38]