The New Science of Healing

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Author: Louis Kuhne, Benedict Lust
Published: 1905
Publisher: Louis Kuhne (original)
Number of pages: 460 original, 262 reproduction

Product Description:


Mr. Kuhne was a genius in the art of healing, and his discovery of the cause of all disease and the remedies therefore, created a veritable epoch in the field of drugless medicine. In publishing this treatise, Mr. Lust's aim is to prove Naturopathy a logical and exact science; to make this book worthy of the profession it is devoted to and to make the drugless doctor a bigger and better doctor, and the patient more appreciative of the merits of natural healing. Partial Contents: how does disease arise? nature, origin, purpose and cure of diseases of children; measles; disease a transmission; rheumatism, gout, sciatica their cause and cure; science of facial expression; what shall we eat, drink? digestive process; beneficial value of vegetable diet; nervous and mental diseases; sleeplessness; pulmonary affections; sexual diseases; heart disease; poverty of the blood; disease of the eye, ear, teeth; migraine; cancer; diseases of women; reports of cures.

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