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Every acute disease is the result of a purifying, healing effort of nature. Henry Lindlahr (1862-1924)

Acute diseases are a result of nature's efforts to eliminate waste material, foreign matter and poisons or toxins from the body. [1] Acute states come on suddenly and are usually initiated by an exposure to an external pathogen or a minor injury, such as flus and colds, a fall, food poisoning or coming in contact with something that is toxic or foreign to the body. The innate response is for the body to heal, balance and compensate for whatever factor has disrupted health.[2] Typically acute conditions result in inflammatory symptoms as the body attempts to establish a homeostatic balance often by releasing toxins through one of the eliminatory pathways.[1] Acute conditions are self-limited, of short duration and relatively superficial - though some can be life-threatening. If they last longer than a few days or a week, they are, by definition, subacute or chronic.[3]

During an acute healing response, the aim of naturopathic treatment is to support the body, not to override it or suppress it. Doing so supports the innate ability of the body to heal.

The continuum is part of the transformation between health and disease.


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