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Health is a complex, integrated process. Too often it is explained by narrow criteria and hence, the ability to achieve health has eluded many or is not sustainable. Achieving health is a life-long process that must be attended to on an ongoing basis.

A concern with current mind-set about health and disease is the assumption that disease is random and illogical and that physiological symptoms are the cause of disease. This irrational belief separates man from his life, decreases self-responsibility and self-awareness. It eliminates the need to look for and to address causal factors and places the emphasis of the health-care system on labelling versus understanding disease.

Naturopathic Medicine recognizes that health and disease are logical, complex and multi-factorial. The factors that influence disease are never another symptom or condition. Identifying the factors contributing to symptoms and diseases is an essential aspect of achieving health.

The factors that influence health and disease relate to