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Chronic disease never develops suddenly in the human body. Nature always tries to prevent its gradual development by acute and sub-acute healing efforts. If these, by any means whatever, are checked and suppressed, then they are followed either by fatal complications or chronic after effects, the mysterious "sequelae" of medical science. Henry Lindlahr, ND (1862-1924)

Lindlahr describes chronic disease as a condition of the organism in which lowered vibration (lowered vitality), is due to the accumulation of waste material and poisons, with the consequent destruction of vital parts and organs, has progressed to such an extent that nature's constructive and healing forces are no longer able to react against the disease conditions by acute corrective efforts (healing crises).[1] Chronic disease and destruction of tissue and function is a multi-factorial process and involves the prolonged and continual disruption in the needed resources for health. The timing and progression depends on a number of factors that are continuously at play, such as a person's constitution, their susceptibilities, their adherence to the lifestyle factors, and their exposure to external and environmental disrupting factors. It is affected by their current treatments, naturopathic, conventional and any other interventions. The onset and progression of disease is influenced by the manner in which a person addresses and handles signs and symptoms throughout their life, and it depends on the severity and impact of any particular disrupting factor.[2]

From a naturopathic perspective, health and disease are a continuum that moves in both directions. The onset of chronic disease does not necessarily mean that the disease has to progress to a worse state. It is the reaction of the patient and the treatments that are employed that determine whether a disease becomes healed or if it continues to progress.

Article The Key to Understanding How Men Experience Chronic Disease, NDNR, 2011 November

From a homeopathic perspective, chronic also means that the conditions arises from a deep-seated underlying pattern of susceptibility. These chronic weaknesses - whether genetic or acquired - are condsidered to be the reason why a person has a tendency towards certain diseases, in specific organs or tissues.[3]

The continuum is part of the transformation between health and disease.


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