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The Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine is an industry journal that provides peer-reviewed research articles and updates on the latest research that supports the practice of naturopathic medicine. Articles from the Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine. To access any of these articles visit [1]

Author Title Journal
Ware William Statin Prescription for Patients with Diabetes 2011 November
Robertson Jordan Sarcopenia, Nutritional Intervention for a Quiet Epidemic 2011 November
Stavros Elizabeth, Rouchotas Philip Cervical Dysplasia and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 2011 November
Rompp Birgit, Krick Bianka, Weiss Gabiele Effectiveness and Safety of the Homeopathic Preparation Pasconal Nerventropfen in Patients with Nervous Disorders 2011 November
Ware William R Does Cholesterol Drive Coronary Atherosclerosis? 2011 October
Stuyt Lorraine Long-term Cannabis Use, increased risk of psychosis? 2011 October
Cherevaty Elizabeth J Meditation, Attention and Neuroplasticity, implications for the integrative care of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder 2011 October
Russell Caryl Exercise Rehabilitation for Cancer Patients 2011 September [2]
Robertson Jordan, Alotaibi Hammam Phospholipids choline, serine, and inositol 2011 September [3]
Reichert Ronald G Age Related Insomnia 2011 September [4]
MacNeil Angela Intestinal Permeability, Clinical Implications 2011 September [5]
McKinney Neil Mitochondrial Rescue, Turning cancer cells off 2011 September
Fritz Heidi HPA Axis Dysregulation and Human Health 2011 June/July [6]
Earls Aoife Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2011 June/July [7]
Hrncirik-Maruyama Denisa, Theriault Paul Homeopathy, An introduction to application in pediatrics 2011 June/July [8]
Fernandes Rochelle NAFLD, Clinical application of betaine and L-carnitine 2011 June/July [9]
Rouchotas Philip James Greenblatt, MD: Excellence in integrative psychiatry 2011 Apr/May
Creech Allison Cognitive Behavoural Therapy: Application in clinical practice 2011 Apr/May [10]
Jahn Theresa Bacopa monnieri: Application for cognitive enhancement 2011 Apr/May [11]
Flower Gillian Polycystic ovary syndrome: Clinical considerations and therapeutic options 2011 Apr/May [12]
Lee Angela L-theanine: Neuropsychiatric applications 2011 Apr/May [13]
Fritz Heidi Actyl-L-Carnitine: Clinical application as a neuroprotective agent 2011 Apr/May
Fritz Heidi L- carnitine: Cardiovascular applications 2011 Feb/Mar [14]
Chanderbhan Crystal Integrative therapeutics: Commitment to advancing the naturopathic profession 2011 Feb/Mar
Flower Gillian Soy and blood lipids: Historical perspective and future directions 2011 Feb/Mar [15]
Lee Becky Coenzyme Q10: Cardiovascular applications 2011 Feb/Mar [16]
Rouchotas Philip, Chanderbhan Crystal Vascular compliance: An important cardiovascular disease risk factor 2011 Feb/Mar
Fritz Heidi Arginine in type II diabetes: Clinical applications 2010 Nov/Dec [17]
Chanderbhan Crystal Advanced naturals: Healing the second brain 2010 Nov/Dec
Chanderbhan Crystal Cinnamon: Applications in diabetes 2010 Nov/Dec [18]
Carriere Serge Bio-K +CL 1285: Summary of a placebo controlled trial 2010 Nov/Dec
Reichert Ronald Type II diabetes: Essential nutrient, nutraceutical, and functional food considerations 2010 Nov/Dec [19]
Earls Aoife Atopic dermatitis: Understanding the role of innate immune function 2010 Nov/Dec [20]
Rouchotas Philip Diabetes: Diet and lifestyle- based management- Update 2010 2010 Nov/Dec
Fritz Heidi L- carnitine: Athletic performance enhancement 2010 October [21]
MacNeil Angela Amino acids as neurotransmitter precursors: Potential treatment for depression 2010 October [22]
Kruzel Angel Carlson: A family affair 2010 October
Chanderbhan Crystal Caffeine: Performance enhancement for activities of prolonged duration 2010 October [23]
Greib Lowell B- alanine: Ergogenic benefit for athletes? 2010 October [24]
Rouchotas Philip Performance enhancement in athletes: Designer oil and amino acid blend 2010 October [25]
Rouchotas Philip, Fritz Heidi Creatine: Clinical applications 2010 October
Tardik George Nomograms: Predicting 10 year probability of cancer recurrence post radical prostatectomy 2010 September [26]
Avery Timothy Ascenta: Transparency, sustainability 2010 September
Gallant Justin, Rouchotas Philip Modified citrus pectin: Heavy metal chelator, possible cancer treatment 2010 September [27]
Fernandes Rochelle, Rouchotas Philip Citicoline: Applications in Alzheimer's disease 2010 September [28]
Morkel William Exemption numbers: Coming soon to a natural health product retailer near you 2010 September
Robertson Jordan Endometriosis: Where does naturopathic medicine fit? 2010 September [29]
Fritz Heidi Vitamin D Part IV: Hyperproliferative disorders 2010 September
Fritz Heidi Vitamin D Part III: Perinatal applications 2010 June/July [30]
Ng-See-Quan Dani Bioclinic naturals: health pioneers join forces 2010 June/July
MacNeil Angela Neptune krill oil: Overview of clinical applications 2010 June/July [31]
Muradov Eric Multiple sclerosis: Integrative management strategies 2010 June/July [32]
Rouchotas Philip Natural health product recommendations in pregnancy: Interventions that impact disease risk in offspring 2010 June/July
Fritz Heidi Vitamin D Part II 2010 Apr/May [33]
Rouchotas Philip Fish oil: Overview of intervention trials in neurodegenerative disease 2010 Apr/May [34]
Ng-See-Quan Dani Progressive nutritional therapies: Energetic medicine meets nutraceutical science 2010 Apr/May
MacNeil Angela Astaxanthin: Review of clinical applications 2010 Apr/May [35]
Morkel William A botanical by any other name... can be dangerous: The challenge of effective identity testing 2010 Apr/May [36]
Prousky Jonathon Parkinson's disease: Contemporary and natural therapeutic interventions 2010 Apr/May
Prousky Jonathon Common forms of anemia: Diagnosis and management in clinical practice 2010 Feb/Mar [37]
Logan Alan A wrinkle is not just a wrinkle: The skin as a mirror of nutritional quality, stress burden and internal health through the aging process 2010 Feb/Mar [38]
Montgomery Laurence, Tardik George The vitamin D gap: Estimating an adequate intake of vitamin D 2010 Feb/Mar [39]
No author Pure encapsulations: Delivering purity, quality, scientific objectivity 2010 Feb/Mar
Fritz Heidi Vitamin D: Applications in autoimmunity and infectious disease 2010 Feb/Mar [40]
Ceaser Sean Prolotherapy and platelet- rich plasma therapy: Regenerative injection techniques 2010 Feb/Mar [41]
Rouchotas Philip Chronic degenerative eye disease: Intervention with natural health products for prevention and treatment 2010 Feb/Mar
El-Hashemy Shehab Fever: Referral required? 2009 Nov/Dec
MacNeil Angela Soy and prostate cancer: What are you telling your patients? 2009 Nov/Dec
Rouchotas Philip Ribose: Addressing compromised cellular energy metabolism 2009 Nov/Dec
Fernandes Alarica Boiron: Delivering homeopathy to mainstream medicine 2009 Nov/Dec
Millar John Homeopathy: Applications in emergency settings 2009 Nov/Dec
Karatzas Irene Ovarian cancer: A naturopathic perspective 2009 Nov/Dec
Prousky Jonathon Circulatory overload leading to pulmonary edema: A possible life-threatening complication of outpatient intravenous therapy 2009 Nov/Dec
Fisher Peter, Berkovitz Saul Swine flu: A role for complementary medicine? 2009 October
Morkel William Adverse reaction reporting: A step-by-step guide 2009 October
Logan Alan Back to the future: Acne vulgaris and nutrition 2009 October
Vanderheyden Terry Eclectic management of allergies: A case report 2009 October
Dash SK, Gerasimov SV Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1: Review of the evidence 2009 October
Hunt Verna Clinical insights from the skin: A naturopathic medical perspective 2009 October
Fritz Heidi Polycystic ovary syndrome: Role of inositol in PCOS management 2009 October
Fernandes Alarica Cytomatrix: A company built on trust 2009 Jun/Jul
Ghazali Johan Resveratrol: A role in breast cancer treatment? 2009 Jun/Jul
Fritz Heidi Melatonin: Clinical applications 2009 Jun/Jul
Rouchotas Philip, Fernandes Alarica Rozarem and vivitrol: Two notable prescription medications 2009 Jun/Jul
Prousky Jonathon Managing anxiety with orthomolecular and botanical medicine: A simple and effective approach to treatment 2009 Jun/Jul
Rouchotas Philip Body weight: The forgotten endpoint in cancer management 2009 September
Creech Allison Making peace with death 2009 September
Logan Alan Acid-alkaline balance: The third dimension of fruit and vegetables 2009 September
Fernandes Alarica Nutritional fundamentals for health (NFH): Putting the medicines of nutraceutical science in the hands of primary care providers 2009 September
Vanderheyden Terry Astragalus and astragalus- based herbal combinations: Adjunctive role in cancer management? 2009 September
Vanderhaeghe Lorna Hormone replacement therapy: Risks and alternatives 2009 September
Tardik George Androgen deprivation therapy: A framework in the management of advanced prostate cancer 2009 September
Masur Charles L Cadmium exposure and breast cancer: A hypothetical case presentation 2009 September
MacNeil Angela Soy and breast cancer: What are you telling your patients? 2009 September
Morkel William Optical isomers: (D versus L form) Why it matters! 2009 Jun/Jul
Tardik George Helicobacter pylori: Conventional and complementary treatments for eradication and optimal management 2009 Jun/Jul
Bested Alison ME - What's that?: Understanding myalgic encephalomyelitis aka chronic fatigue syndrome 2009 Apr/May
Millar John D Homeopathy: Rationale and application in myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome) and fibromyalgia 2009 Apr/May
Lescheid David Alkalinization as a form of immunomodulating therapy 2009 Apr/May
No author Progressive Nutritional Therapies 2009 Apr/May
Jones Stephen Myers' cocktail: Rationale for IV administration of essential nutrients 2009 Apr/May
Masur L Charles Comprehensive stool analysis: Utility and methodology 2009 Apr/May
Prousky Jonathon Myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome) is a microcirculatory disorder 2009 Apr/May
Tardik George New, emerging and controversial risk factors for atherosclerotic vascular diseases 2009 Feb/Mar
Morkel William In-office compounding: To be or not to be site licensed: A practitioners perspective 2009 Feb/Mar
Nibber Traj P, Karamitsos Keith Berberine - A medicine for cardiovascular health? 2009 Feb/Mar
No author Douglas Laboratories 2009 Feb/Mar
Prousky Jonathon Autistic spectrum disorders: Improving clinical outcomes with natural medicines 2009 Feb/Mar
Fritz Heidi Stem cell therapy: A holistic approach? 2009 Feb/Mar
Rouchotas Philip, McKeen Erika Complementary medicine in secondary coronary prevention 2009 Feb/Mar
Masur L Charles Testing for toxic metals and essential elements in autism 2009 Dec/Jan
Rossignol Dan Review of the pathophysiology of autism and possible benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) 2009 Dec/Jan
Tardik George DPP IV: New and emerging clinical applications Part II 2009 Dec/Jan
Shaw William Organic acids and their use in the treatment of autism 2009 Dec/Jan
Welsch Mary Autism - An eclectic approach 2009 Dec/Jan
Clack Scott, Rouchotas Philip, Lee Tanya Objective determination of markers of gluten and casein sensitivity among children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) 2009 Dec/Jan
Prousky Jonathon Intravenous glutathione therapy: Application in ASD and Parkinson's disease 2009 Dec/Jan
Fritz Heidi Genuine Health 2009 Dec/Jan
Clack Scott Candidiasis and dysbiosis in children with autistic spectrum disorders: Assessment and treatment strategies 2009 Dec/Jan
Rossignol Dan Industrial chemicals and autism 2009 Dec/Jan
Fritz Heidi Blood testing for food allergies and food sensitivities: Rationale, indications and clinical outcomes 2008 October
McLean Brian D Motherhood, apple pie and fluoridation: A critical evaluation of fluoridation practices in Canada 2008 October
Morkel William The ups and downs of standardization: Why are some natural health products standardized to one active constituent? 2008 October
Tardik George DPP IV: New and emerging clinical applications Part I 2008 October
McDonough Audrey New Chapter 2008 October
Karatzas Irene Intravenous therapy for inflammatory bowel disease 2008 October
Prousky Jonathon Systemic lupus erythematosus: Complementary management strategies and case reports 2008 October
Rouchotas Philip Diet- based management of inflammatory bowel disease: The role of food intolerance 2008 October
Tardik George Strain- specfic probiotics: Differentiating probiotic prescriptions based on clinical presentation Part II 2008 September
Greib Lowell Exercise prescription: The missing link to lifestyle modification 2008 September
McCluskey John Manufacturing control: An introduction to GMP 2008 September
No author SISU 2008 September
Windham Deanna The promise of EDTA chelation therapy: Review of safety and efficacy 2008 September
Rouchotas Philip Diet and lifestyle- based management of diabetes 2008 September
No author Genetically modified food 2008 June/July
No author A.K. Applied kinesiology 2008 June/July
Prousky Jonathon Irritable bowel syndrome: A comprehensive nutrition- based approach 2008 June/July
Plummer Sue F, Garaiova Iveta Can probiotics impact the development of allergy in infants? 2008 June/July
Morkel William NHP labeling: Advertising buzz words 2008 June/July
Jones Stephen Intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy: A rationale for clinical use 2008 June/July
Tardik George Strain- specific probiotics: Differentiating appropriate probiotic prescription based on clinical presentation 2008 June/July
Rao LG Lycopene and polyphenols for osteoporosis? 2008 May
Tardik George Lactoferrin: a natural molecule may be leading the way as a new anticancer agent in humans 2008 May
Hudson Craig Dietary tryptophan as a treatment for stress, insomnia and depression 2008 May
Morkel William Certificate of analysis: An interpretative overview 2008 May
No author Flora: From seed to shelf 2008 May
Strobele George DMPS in the treatment of mercury toxicity 2008 May
Rouchotas Philip Impact of diet, lifestyle, and select supplemental interventions for the prevention and treatment of osteopenia / osteoporosis 2008 May
Downorowicz Martin Adjunctive use of oral Vitamin K supplements among patients receiving antiplatelet therapy 2008 March
Morkel William Natural health product expiration dates: The stability challenge 2008 March
Prytula Michael A Intravenous vitamin C in cancer management 2008 March
Rouchotas Philip Omega-3 oils in psychiatry 2008 March
Scheer Jacob Complementary and alternative medicine therapeutics in the management of sports injuries 2008 March
Lescheid David Vitamin D: Believe the hype 2008 March
No author Sexual dysfunction and natural health products 2008 March