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The Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine is an industry journal that provides peer-reviewed research articles and updates on the latest research that supports the practice of naturopathic medicine. Articles from the Integrated Healthcare Practitioners Magazine. To access any of these articles visit [1]

Author Title Journal
Feltham Phill Data Security, your sensitive information is more accessible than you think Spring 2016
Levchuk Inna The Three Ps of Health: personalized, preventive and participatory, combining the best of conventional and complementary medical practices Spring 2016
Fernandes Rochelle The Use of Omega-3 in Psychiatric Diagnosis Spring 2016
Levchuk Inna The ABCs of SEO November 2015
Schauch Marita The Role of Adaptogens in Women's Health November 2015
Shapoval Maria Women, Platelets & Cardiovascular Risk November 2015
Hood Sarah The Road to Health, the journey of Natural Terrain Naturopathic Clinic November 2015
Levchuk Inna Health Wave, creating your online dispensary July/August 2015
Reynolds Melissa Zentai Wellness Centre, taking care of your whole body July/August 2015
Levchuk Inna Giving New Life to Your Clinic, with patients in mind July/August 2015
Shapoval Maria Sex Hormones & Gastrointestinal Health July/August 2015
Aucoin Monique, Lalonde-Parsi Marie-Jasmine, Cooley Kieran Mindfulness-Based Therapies in the Treatment of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: a meta-analysis July/August 2015
Kennedy Deborah, Lewis Elaine, Cooley Kieran, Fritz Heidi An exploratory comparative investigation of Food Allergy/Sensitivity Testing in IBS (The FAST Study): a comparison between various laboratory methods and an elimination diet July/August 2015
Lytchak Irina Strengthening Bridges, Naturopathic doctors and owner of Inside-Out Health Solutions, Holly Fennell continues to ensure that her clinic provides outstanding patient care by maintaining solid relationships with other health care professionals March 2015
Lytchak Irina Continued Excellence, ever since its establishment in 2010, this Halifx-based clinic has evolved to service a growin list of patients by staying dedicated to an excellent naturopathic practice. March 2015
Taylor Leonard The Brain Heart Arteries Connections March 2015
Fernandes Rochelle Nucleotid related therapy as a novel approach: uses in Alzheimer's Disease and Hepatitis C March 2015
Sproule Dale Nothing's Hotter Than Hemp March 2015
In Business with Mary Jane March 2015
Kinoshita Kahori, Kuno Shinichiro, Ishimine Hisako, Aoi Noriyuk, Mineda Kazuhide, Kato Harunosuke, Doi Kentaro, Kanayama Koji, Feng Jingwei, Mashiko Takanobu, Kurisaki Akira, Yoshimura Kotaro The Healing Power of Fat Tissue, research reveals "Therapeutic Potential of Adipose-Derived SSEA-3-Positive Muse Cells for Treating Diabetic Skin Ulcers" March 2015
Habib Christopher Marsden Centre of Naturopathic Excellence, leading integrative oncology December 2014
Landmann Jessa Mechanism of Melatonin in Oncology, the great multi-tasker December 2014
Valero Meighan Chemotherapy and Raditaion-Induced Oral Mucositis, integrative management December 2014
Mohammed Mansoor, Murphy Robyn, Fitzgerald Emily, Habib Christopher Lifestyle Genomics, the next step to individualized medicine December 2014
Kapoustina Paulina Meditation, Impact on Gene Expression December 2014
Rouchotas Philip Project Soul, food production at health care institutions December 2014
Rouchotas Philip Dr. Howard Libstug and Associates, holistic densitry since before the term existed October 2014
Habib Chris Naturopathic Foundations Health Clinic, treating the cause October 2014
Stavros Elizabeth, Yuhkt Jenny Health Benefits of Green Spaces October 2014
Reichert Ronald Maintaining your Memory, Natural products that support early cognitive decline and dementia October 2014
Bhardwa Sukriti, Camposilvan Ivana, Chung Christine, Claridg Everett, Lee Matthew, Scott Calum, Robertson Jordan Nutritional, Nutraceutical, and Herbal Supplements in the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, a review October 2014
Shapoval Maria, Fritz Heidi Metformin, Can a diabetes drug fight cancer? October 2014
Abdali Daniyal, Aslam Dania, Bismah Verdah, Cook Olivia, Liu Anna, Nasser Laila, Robertson, Valencia Marlie Maternal supplementation of fish oil, vitamin D, probiotics and phosphatidylcholine in improving long term infant health: Clinical recommendations August/September 2014
Shapoval Maria, Liang Vivian Magnolia extract (honokiol) and cancer: A review of preclinical studies August/September 2014
Habib Christopher Food and NHP Labelling: Clarifying Terminology August/September 2014
Schor Jacob Interesting Drugs: off-label application of common prescription meds for integrative cancer management August/September 2014
Chen Karen, Ellery Justina, Robertson Jordan, Sildam Johanna, Soares Chelsea, Wang Tina Diet in Inflammatory bowel disease prevention and management June/July 2014
Mukerjee Gouri, Dorfman Russian High genetic heterogeneity of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency June/July 2014
Habib Christopher, Luhar Faryal PCOS: Natural Alternatives June/July 2014
Coradetti Rachel, Khan Akbar Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy: Natural therapies June/July 2014
Ware William R The Case for Blood Donation: Why Blood Donation is a Larger Health Issue than Generally Appreciated April/May 2014
Lee Tanya The Hypothalamus Pituitary-Adrenal Axis: Role in Borderline personality Disorder April/May 2014
Habib Christopher NEM: Novel Joint Care Supplement April/May 2014
Fernandes Rochelle Acetyl-L-Carnitine for depression and mood disorders April/May 2014
Muradov Eric Neurodegeneration - A complication of long-standing multiple sclerosis (MS) February/March 2014
Lewis Elaine Hypertension - Mnagement Considerations February/March 2014
Mokhtari Tannaz, Patel Ishita Demystifying Bioidentical Hormones - A Review Of BHRT Use In Clinical Practice With Respect To Menopausal Concerns February/March 2014
Vanderheyden Sarah, Fritz Heidi Mistletoe Therapy - Improving Outcomes In Complementary Cancer Care February/March 2014
Ware William R Diabetes Medications - Reduced risk of disease-related complications? November/December 2013
Habib Christopher Vitamin B12 - Update on clinical applications November/December 2013
Gillingham Leah The metabolic fate of alpha linolenic acid - Extremely limited conversion efficiency November/December 2013
Valero Meighan Chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment - Strategies for intervention November/December 2013
Robertson Jordan, Behdinan Tina, Fung Alan, Park Timothy, Wilton Emily, Xi Mengchen, Xin (Jennifer) Yin Breaking it down - The role of acid-base balance in the pathogenesis and treatment of osteoporosis October 2013
Balodis Erin FODMAP Diet - Implications in irritable bowel syndrome October 2013
Habib Christopher, Levantg Janna Hydrotherapy - Evidence for clinical applications October 2013
Shaporal Maria Cognitive health and new technologies October 2013
Rouchotas Philip, Fritz Heidi Nigella sativa - A Panacea for Human Disease September 2013
Stavros Elizabeth, Kroekes Amy, Khan Akbar Obstacles and Opportunities in Cancer Prevention and Treatment September 2013
Ware William R Iron & Diabetes September 2013
Habib Christopher, Fontes Mark Mushrooms in Cancer Care September 2013
Rouchotas Philip Wasef Farid, Bridging the Gap June/July 2013
Habib Chris Harmony Health Centre June/July 2013
Fritz Heidi DHEA Part II, Autoimmunity and Bone Health June/July 2013
Selhub Eva, Logan Alan Sports Nutrition, In the context of lifestyle medicine June/July 2013
Fernandes Rochelle Insomnia, Role for acupuncture and melatonin June/July 2013
Boa James, Haldane Chloe, Lee Yvonne, Li Brian, Petrenko Olesyna, Wang Christopher, Zhou Wendy, Robertson Jordan Effectiveness of Intravenous Vitamin C in Combination with Conventional Chemotherapy in Cancer Treatment: A Review June/July 2013
Gillson, George R. Estrogen Metabolism: Advances in Prediction of Disease Risk April/May 2013
Logan, Alan C. Acid-Alkaline Balance: The Third Dimension of Fruits and Vegetables April/May 2013
Groleau Sarah E., Lubarda Jovana, Thomas Nancy, Pristupa Zdenek B., Mishra Ram K., Gabriele Joseph P. The Novel Catecholamine-Regulated Protein 40: A Crucial Protein for Understanding and Diagnosing Neurological Disorders? April/May 2013
Habib, Chris Centre for Natural Medicine Inc.; Integration, Education, and Environmental Stewardship April/May 2013
Rouchotas Philip Dr. Joseph Gabriele delivers the future of pain management Nov/Dec 2012
Habib Christopher, Parmar Gurdev Hyperthermia in Oncology Nov/Dec 2012 [2]
Ware William Salvestrols, A natural, targeted approach to preventing and treating cancer Nov/Dec 2012 [3]
Flower Gillian Female Fertility, Oxidant stress and a potential role for antioxidant therapy Nov/Dec 2012 [4]
Shapoval Maria Parkinson's Disease, An eclectic approach Nov/Dec 2012
Rouchotas Philip, Fritz Heidi What not to do, Vitamin A and Beta Carotene Nov/Dec 2012
Habib Christopher Novel Cholesterol Subtypes, Markers of cardiovascular risk Oct 2012
Cherevaty Elizabeth Male Fertility, Role of oxidant stress and antioxidant therapy Oct 2012
Campbell Tara Urinary Neurotransmitter Analysis, Utility in depression management Oct 2012
Fritz Heidi, Rouchotas Philip Intravenous Therapies, Fish oil based lipid emulsions (FOBLE) Oct 2012
Eliaz Isaac Galectin-3, An emerging treatment target; role of MCP Sept 2012
Ware William CoQ10 and Heart Failure Sept 2012
Mehta Rishi, Rouchotas Philip Cancer Induced cachexia (CIC), Effective integrative management Sept 2012
Kussman Heidi Low Dose Naltrexone, Role as adjunct cancer treatment Sept 2012
Earls Aoife Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), Integrative management approaches Jun/July 2012 [5]
DesChâtelets Mélanie The overweight obesity epidemic revisited, Low fat, low card or Mediterranean Jun/July 2012 [6]
Shapoval Maria Iron Overload, Naturopathic management strategies Jun/July 2012 [7]
Fernandes Rochelle, Rouchotas Philip Endocrine Disruptors Jun/July 2012 [8]
Habib Christopher, Ureten Tina Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS), Making Mammography Obsolute Apr/May 2012 [9]
Nash Jennifer Low Back Pain and Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy Apr/May 2012 [10]
Ware William Saturated Fat, Friend, foe or simply neutral? Apr/May 2012 [11]
Knn Christopher, Konigsberg Ester Cold-FX, A Review of evidence Apr/May 2012 [12]
Fritz Heidi Gout:A Naturopathic Approach Feb/Mar 2012
Prousky Jonathon When patients wnat to get off their psychotropic medication(s) Feb/Mar 2012
Habib Christopher Age, Race, and Diabetes: The Role of Advanced Glycation End Products and Therapeutic Strategies Feb/Mar 2012
Saunders Leigha, Rouchotas Philip Hibiscus, An emerging new botanical medicine Feb/Mar 2012
Stuyt Lorraine Pregnancy Morbidity: Update on Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) Feb/Mar 2012
Flower Gillian First-line Antihypertensives Feb/Mar 2012