Emotional Energetic Qualities

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Latest Edit: Iva Lloyd, ND 2014-12-31 (EDT)

The following are the emotional energetic qualities of the Ayurvedic elements and of Yin / Yang from Traditional Chinese Medicine .[1]

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  • References
  1. Lloyd Iva 2009 The Energetics of Health, a Naturopathic Assessment Elsevier
Quality Ether Air Fire Water Earth
Overall Freedom of expression Gentleness Warmth Nurturing Secure
Governs Openness. inner self, expression Lightness, diversity & movement Sense of power, motivating Adaptability & cleansing Safety, basic existence & survival
Balanced Identity, humble, pride Honest, integrity & charity Enthusiastic, forgiving, courage Receptive, compassionate Protective, supporting
Yang Arrogant, shameless Impatient, illusions Resentful, judging, anger Compulsive, passionate, lust Invulnerable, defensive, paranoid
Yin Worthless, shamed, grief Jealous, hopeless, desire Controlled by others, frustration, competitive Dependency, needy, attachment No boundaries, anxious, fear