Functional Energetic Qualities

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Latest Edit: Iva Lloyd, ND 2014-12-31 (EDT)

The following are the functional energetic qualities of the elements.[1]

See Also Mental Energetic Qualities, Emotional Energetic Qualities, Structural Energetic Qualities
Quality Ether Air Fire Water Earth
Overall Lengthening Speed of response Shaking Flowing Movement Contraction
Governs Sleep Thirst Hunger Luster Laziness
Organs Space Chest cavity, lumgs Stomach, liver, spleen, heart, gallbaldder Bladder, secretory glands Bone, colon & kidneys
Glands Thyroid Thymus Pancreas Ovaries & testis Adrenals
Tissues Cavities Nerves Ligaments, muscles Fat, menstrual tissue Blood, tendons
Fluid Ovum, semen, cerebrospinal fluid Tears, breath Enzymes, hornmones Lymph, plasma, sweat Blood
Body systems Joints, spinal column Nervous system, circulation & respiration Digestion. metabolism Endocrine, lymphatic & reproductive Skeletal, elimination & immune
  1. Lloyd Iva 2009 The Energetics of Health, a Naturopathic Assessment Elsevier