Healing crisis

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Article The Current Healing Crisis - Part 1, NDNR; 2012 November
Article The Current Healing Crisis- Part 2, NDNR; 2013 January
Article The Current Healing Crisis- Part 3, NDNR; 2013 January
Article The Current Healing Crisis- Part 4, NDNR; 2013 February

A Healing Crisis is a concept that was first introduced as a homeopathic concept by Hahnemann. A healing crisis is believed to be the result of the body attempting to restore health. [1] Healing crises tend to come on suddenly and tend to resolve on their own. From a homeopathic perspective a healing crisis is often a necessary part of the recovery process.[2]

The symptoms that arise during a healing crisis relate to those symptoms that were suppressed or unresolved. The suppressed symptoms typically arise in reverse order, i.e., the symptoms that a person experienced last manifest first in the healing process; ending with the symptoms that caused the initial episode.

The continuum is part of the transformation between health and disease.


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