Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics

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Lindlahr Philosophy.jpg
Author: Dr. Henry Lindlahr
Published: 1919
Publisher: The Lindlahr
Number of Pages: 544 pages
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Product Description:

Natural Therapeutics is a system of natural living and healing. The fundamental principles of Nature Cure philosophy are contained within. Partial Contents: What is Nature Cure? Primary cause of disease and its manifestations, Laws of Cure, Discovery of Microzymes, Appendicitis, Vaccination, Diphtheria, Tonsillitis, Adenoids, Woman's suffering, Venereal diseases, Cancer, Periodicity, True Scope of Medicine, Homeopathy, Natural dietetics, Fasting, Onanism or Masturbation, Neurotherapy, Functional and Organic disease, Symphony of Life, Man's demands are God's commands.

About the Author

Dr. Henry Lindlahr was one of the early pioneers of naturopathic medicine. wikipedia reference [2]