Transformation between Health and Disease

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Chronic disease never develops suddenly in the human body. Nature always tries to prevent its gradual development by acute and sub-acute healing efforts. If these, by any means whatever, are checked and suppressed, then they are followed either by fatal complications or chronic after effects, the mysterious "sequelae" of medical science. Henry Lindlahr (1862-1924)

Some people are able to define a point in time that their health shifted. For others, it is a more gradual progression over a longer period of time. For everyone the balance between health and disease oscillates over a lifetime with health and disease existing on a continuum.[1]

A person's concept of health and disease depends on their expectations and beliefs. For example, some people view disease as the onset of symptoms, and others view themselves as having a disease when informed by a doctor or when their health concerns disrupt their life or their sense of well being.

Disease is a process and it often starts with subtle changes in health. A person's energy may decrease, sleep or appetite may become disrupted or digestion and elimination processes show signs of stress. Prevention involves paying attention to subtle changes and becoming aware of what caused them. Naturopathic physicians have a number of theories about the process of disease. These theories influence how they approach the assessment process, diagnose diseases and the treatment strategies that they employ.[2]


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