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"Part of the reason for homeopathy's effectiveness lies in the fact that it individualizes. For any condition there are many possible remedies, allowing the user to find the one remedy that most accurately fits her/her symptoms." Asa Hershoff, ND

Naturopatic medicine recognizes that each person is an individual and that the way that they manifest symptoms and diseases is unique. There is also an appreciation for the numerous influences, such as lifestyle, social, environmental, genetic, and external factors that impact each person in an unique way.

For the most part, naturopathic medicine treats the person, not just the disease. For any condition there are a range of treatment options that will restore health or achieve the objectives that are desired. Choosing the correct treatment, whether it be herbs, homeopathic remedies, physical medicine, hydrotherapy or others is individualized and customized to each person.[1]

Homeopathy, for example, places the emphasis on what is needed to trigger a renewed state of health for each individual. When the rebalancing occurs, symptoms will automatically improve. However, the converse is not necessarily true. Just because particular symptoms are eliminated it does not necessarily mean that the person will experience an overall state of well-being.[2]


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