Acute Diseases: Their Uniform Treatment by Natural Methods

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Acute diseases lindlahr.jpg
Author: Henry Lindlahr
Published: 1918 original, reproduction March 2004
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing
Number of pages: 60
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Product Description:

1918. The two parts of this pamphlet are extracts from Lindlahr's Books of the Library of Natural Therapeutics. Lindlahr states that his System of Natural Therapeutics represents the first effort ever made to combine in one system all that is good in the various methods of treating human ailments. Partial Contents Part I: What is Natural Therapeutics?; The Treatment of Acute Diseases; The Natural Remedies; The Fresh Air Treatment; Drinking; Fasting; Hydropathic Treatment in Acute Diseases; Application of Natural Treatment for Colds, Influenza, Pneumonia and All Other Acute Feverish Diseases; Renewal of Packs; Cold Water Treatment During Menstruation; Number of Wet Wrappings; Cleansing of the Packs; Wet Packs, How Made and Applied; Enemas; Manipulative Treatment; Neurotherapy; The Importance of Right Mental and Emotional Attitude on the Part of Friends and Relatives of Patient; Prevention Better than Cure; Natural Diet; Contents Part II: Fear; Fear is Faith in Evil; Anger; Self Pity; Envy; Jealousy; Telepathy, the Language of Impulse; The Secret of Spiritual Healing

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