Are Aliens Making You Fat?

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Author: Dr. Scott Olson ND
Published: December 18, 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace
Number of pages: 154 pages
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Product Description

You always knew something unearthly was up with your weight gain and now you have the proof! It sounds crazy, but Dr. Scott Olson ND has uncovered the real reason for your unexplained weight gain: Aliens. After studying diet and nutrition for over 20 years, Dr. Scott has come to the conclusion that only aliens could be responsible for the dramatic changes in our diets where everything we eat magically turns into fat. Why aliens? Because only aliens (using humans as we use lab rats) could pull off such a colossal nutritional hoax and trick everyone into eating food that is guaranteed to make them fat and sick. Who else could you blame for the fact that over two-thirds of us are overweight? Human food manufactures wouldn't knowingly create products that harm other humans and governments wouldn't give us dietary advice that would only lead to weight gain and illness (but they do). It has to be aliens who are behind this nutritional madness. Are Aliens Making You Fat? is a lighthearted look at a serious condition, it offers you practical advice how to turn the tables on the evil aliens and quickly recover your health and your ideal weight.

About the author

Dr. Scott Olson is a Naturopathic doctor, expert in alternative medicine, author, and medical researcher. Dr. Scott has spent his whole life researching optimal diets for humans. Spurred on by his patients' struggles with sugar addiction, he was determined to discover just how addictive and harmful sugar can be and ways to overcome that addiction. When he is not researching, writing, or coaching patients on their health, he can be found outdoors running, riding his bike, and enjoying the mountains of Colorado, where he lives