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Author Title Issue Type
Hoffer A The Public Reaction to Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trials. 1999, Vol14(4) Editorial
Hattersley JG The Case Against Fluoridation 1999, Vol14(4) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Hunninghake R, Revard C Candida Albicans: The Hidden Infection 1999, Vol14(4) Case study
Siblerud RL, Motl J, Kienholz E Psychometric Evidence that Dental Amalgam Mercury May Be an Etiological Factor in Schizophrenia 1999, Vol14(4) Case study
Kochar KP Effects of Dietary Herbs and Spices 1999, Vol14(4) Case study
Seligman TM Review of Growth Hormone Therapy 1999, Vol14(4) Case Study
Hoffer A Should Tranquilizers Be Used Preventively for Schizophrenia? 1999, Vol14(3) Editorial
Foster HD Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: The Iodine-Dopachrome-Glutamate Hypothesis 1999, vol14(3) Review
Clemetson CAB Vaccinations, Inoculations and Ascorbic Acid 1999, vol14(3) Review
Ely JTA Ascorbic Acid and Other Modern Analogs of the Germ Theory 1999, vol14(3) Review
Friedman M Case Report: The Use of Botanical and Mineral Supplementation to Treat Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus 1999, vol14(3) Review
Paterson ET Acute Myelogenous Leukemia: An Orthomolecular Case Study 1999, vol14(3) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Hunninghake R, Mayer K Headache: A Common Complaint with Complicated Causes 1999, vol14(3) Case Study
Hoffer A Patentable vs. Non-Patentable Treatment 1999, Vol14(2) Editorial
Hagberg E Alzheimer's Disease: An Unusual Story of Identical Twins 1999, Vol14(2) Review
Himmel RB, Seligman TM Treatment of Systemic Sclerosis with Shark Cartilage Extract 1999, Vol14(2) Review
Cheraskin E Conventional and Unconventional Medical Practice 1999, Vol14(2) Review
Foster HD Schizophrenia: The Latex Allergy Hypothesis 1999, Vol14(2) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Schultz M, Lewis R Intravenous EDTA Chelation Treatment of a Patient with Atherosclerosis 1999, Vol14(2) Case Study
Siblerud Rl, Kienholz E A Comparison of Oral Health Between Multiple Sclerosis Subjects with Dental Amalgams and Those with Amalgams Removed 1999, Vol14(2) Case Study
Kane PC The Neurobiology of Lipids in Autistic Spectrum Disorder 1999, Vol14(2) Case study
Hoffer A Diagnosing Schizophrenia: Past, Present and Future 1999, Vol14(1) Review
Osmond H, Hoffer A Schizophrenia and Suicide (1967) 1999, Vol14(1) Review
Cott A Treatment of Ambulant Schizophrenics with Vitamin B3 and Relative Hypoglycemic Diet (1967) 1999, Vol14(1) Review
Preiffer CC, Lamola S Zinc and Manganese in the Schizophrenias (1983) 1999, Vol14(1) Review
Hoffer A, Osmond H The Adrenochrome Hypothesis and Psychiatry (1990) 1999, Vol14(1) Review
Hoffer A Reflections on Two Modern Medical Ideas 1998, Vol13(4) Editorial
Klenner FR Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology 1998, vol13(4) Review
Allen MJ, Jarding JB, Zehner R Macular Degeneration Treatment with Nutrients and Micro Current Electricity 1998, vol13(4) Review
Takacs BE Potassium: A New Treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome 1998, vol13(4) Review
Cheraskin E The Health of the Naturopath:Vitamin Supplementation and Psychologic State 1998, vol13(4) Review
Herman ZS The Application of the Hardin Jones-Pauling Biostatistical Theory of Survival Analysis for Cancer Patients to a Clinical Trial Purporting to Test the Efficacy of Vitamin C in Lengthening the Survival Times of Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer 1998, vol13(4) Review
Ross C, Smith F The Liver: Mechanisms of Toxic Injury and Therapeutic Intervention 1998, vol13(4) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery S, Revard C Histamine Levels in Health and Disease 1998, vol13(4) Case study
Hoffer A The Paradigm Wars Continue 1998, Vol13(3) Editorial
Awadalla AW, Arikawa H, Templer DI The Nature and Structure of Febrile Psychosis in the Sudan 1998, Vol13(3) Review
Cheraskin A Another Reason for Change: The Distinct Philosophies of Allopathy and Naturopathy 1998, Vol13(3) Review
Herman Z Understanding the Hardin Jones-Pauling Biostatistical Theory of Survival Analysis for Cancer Patients 1998, Vol13(3) Review
Siblerub RL, Kienholz E Evidence that Mercury from Silver Dental Fillings May Slow the Progression of Myopia 1998, Vol13(3) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Hunninghake R, Neathery S Joint and Muscle Pain, Various Arthritic Conditions and Food Sensitivities 1998, Vol13(3) Case Study
Foster HD Calcium and Cancer: A Geographical Perspective 1998, Vol13(3) Case Study
De Oliviera JLG A Nutritious Cocktail for the Treatment of Melanoma: A Case Report 1998, vol13(3) Case Study
Hoffer A Playing with Statistics Or Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics 1998, Vol13(2) Editorial
Riordan HD, Jackson JA, Riordan NH, Schultz M High-dose intravenous Vitamin C in the Treatment of A Patient with Renal Cell Carcinoma of the Kidney 1998, Vol13(2) Case Study
O'Clock GD Treatment of Hypertension from An Orthomolecular Medicine Standpoint 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Tamari G Functional Diagnosis in Nutritional Medicine 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Morter MT, Panfili A The Body's Negative Response to Excess Dietary Protein Consumption 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Grant WB Reassessing the Role of Sugar in the Etiology of Heart Disease 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Ely JTA, Fudenberg HH, Bliznakov EG, Branch JD Hemorrhagic Stroke in Human Pretreated with Coenzyme Q10: Exceptional Recovery As Seen in Animal Models 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Nitsch A, Nitsch FP The Clinical Use of Bovine Colostrum 1998, Vol13(2) Review
Hoffer A British Columbia Government's Mental Patient Discharge Policy of the Last Ten Years A Failure 1998, Vol13(1) Editorial
Foster HD Selenium and Cancer: A Geographical Perspective 1998, Vol13(1) Review
Smythies J Recent Advances in Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Medicine 1998, Vol13(1) Review
Shallenberger F Paradigms and Miracles: Alternative Medicine At A Crossroads 1998, Vol13(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Fougerson K, Hunninghake R The Nutrition Evaluation Questionnaire As A Diagnostic Aid 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Siblerud RL, Motl J, Kienholz E Psychometric Evidence That Dental Amalgam Mercury May Be An Etiological Factor in Manic Depression 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Allen MJ, Lowry RW Successful Reversal of Retinitis Pigmentosa 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Berkson BM Alpha-Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid): My Experience with This Outstanding Therapeutic Agent 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Ross C, Smith M, Pharms MR Lumbar Facet Syndrome: A Case Report 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Schuitemaker GE Folate and Neural Tube Defect Risk: Paradigm Shift after Forty Years of Research 1998, Vol13(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Quacks, Quack Doctors and Quackery 1996, Vol11(4) Editorial
Shuitemaker GE, Hoogland AG Cobalamin Deficiency, Methylation and Neurological Disorders 1996, vol11(4) Review
Lichtenberg H Symptoms Before and After Proper Amalgam Removal in Relation To Serum-Globulin Reaction to Metals 1996, vol11(4) Review
Ross CP, Saunders PR Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome 1996, vol11(4) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan H, Riordan N, Neathery S Epstein–Barr Virus infections in Patients 1996, vol11(4) Case Study
Brown JS, Foster HD Schizophrenia: An Update of the Selenium Deficiency Hypothesis 1996, vol11(4) Case Study
Paterson ET Cholesterol: A Personal Viewpoint 1996, Vol11(4) Case Study
Hoffer A Changing Paradigms in the Practice of Medicine in Canada 1996, Vol11(3) Editorial
Knelman FH The Sociology of Health 1996, Vol11(3) Review
Paterson ET Orthomolecular Medicine in the Universe 1996, Vol11(3) Review
James A Jackson, Hugh Riordan, Larry Doran, Ronald E Hunninghake Trials and Tribulations of A Three-year Old 1996, Vol11(3) Case Study
Hoffer A How To Live Longer and Feel Better–even with Cancer 1996, Vol11(3) Case Study
Sealey R Surviving Unipolar Depression–the Effectiveness of Ginkgo Biloba 1996, Vol11(3) Case Study
Katz EA Reduction of Cholesterol and Lp(A) in Regression of Coronary Artery Disease: A Case Study 1996, Vol11(3) Case Study
Hoffer A The Future of Psychiatry 1996, Vol11(2) Editorial
Rogers SA How the Sick Get Sicker by Following Current Medical Protocol: the Example of Undiagnosed Magnesium Deficiency 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Tuula E Tuormaa The Adverse Effects of Manganese Deficiency on Reproduction and Health: A Literature Review 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Riordan N, Jackson J, Riordan HD Intravenous Vitamin C in A Terminal Cancer Patient 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Hoffer A, Weiner MA Motanical Inhibitors of Amine Oxidase: Relevance To Cancer Therapy 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Lichtenberg H Mercury Vapour in the Oral Cavity in Relation To the Number of Amalgam Surfaces and the Classic Symptoms of Chronic Mercury Poisoning 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Ely JTA Unrecognized Pandemic Subclinical Diabetes of the Affluent Nations: Causes, Cost and Prevention 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Holt JAG Cancer Therapy by Immobilizing Mitotic Energy Sources 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Jackson J, Hunninghake RE, Riordan HD, Sarwar Y Coronary Artery Occlusion, Chelation and Cholesterol in a 49-year Old Pilot 1996, Vol11(2) Case Study
Marlowe M, Palmer L Hair Trace Element Status of Appalachian Head Start Children 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Ely JTA Glycemic Modulation of Tumor Tolerance 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Nash R The Serotonin Connection 1996, Vol11(2) Review
JM, Hoffer A Inside Schizophrenia: Before and After Treatment 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Braverman E Cranial Electrical Stimulation 1996, Vol11(2) Review
Hoffer A The Need To Liberate Physicians To Practice Complementary Medicine, Hugh Pearson; Two Anecdotes 1995, Vol10(3,4) Editorial
Jackson JA, Hunninghake RE, Riordan HD, Doran L Agitation, Allergies and Attention Deficit Disorder in An 11-year Old Boy 1995, Vol10(3,4) Case Study
Taylor EW, Ramanathan CS Theoretical Evidence That the Ebola Virus Zaire Strain May Be Selenium- Dependent: A Factor in Pathogenesis and Viral Outbreaks? 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Foster HD Cretinism: the Iodine-selenium Connection 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Bjorklund G Mercury and Acrodynia 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Bjorklund G Parkinson's Disease and Mercury 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Tuormaa TE Adverse Effects of Zinc Deficiency: A Review from the Literature 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Boyd HH Eye Pressure Lowering Effect of Vitamin C 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Hoffer A Orthomolecular: the Optimum Treatment for Schizophrenia 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Campbell JD Minerals and Disease 1995, Vol10(3,4) Review
Hoffer A Another Anecdote of Schizophrenia; Psychological Activity of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) 1995, Vol10(2) Editorial
Paterson FT Staged Management for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1995, Vol10(2) Review
Marlowe M The Violation of Childhood: Toxic Metals and Developmental Disabilities 1996, Vol10(2) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Huninghake RE, Riordan N High Dose intravenous Vitamin C and Long Time Survival of A Patient with Cancer of Head of the Pancreas 1995, Vol10(2) Case Study
Cheraskin E Antioxidants in Health and Disease: the Big Picture 1995, Vol10(2) Case Study
Boyd HH Treatment of Iritis and Herpes Zoster with Vitamin C 1995, Vol10(2) Case Study
Hervi C Both Feet Back on the Ground 1995, Vol10(2) Case Study
Hoffer A The Discovery of Kryptopyrrole and Its Importance in Diagnosis of Biochemical Imbalances in Schizophrenia and in Criminal Behavior 1995, Vol10(1) Editorial
Fryer KH The Fryer Research Center 1995, Vol10(1) Review
Krause RT An Enigmatic Personality: Case Report of A Serial Killer 1995, Vol10(1) Review
Cheraskin E Predictive Medicine: the Story of Odds and Ends 1995, Vol10(1) Review
Yu W, Foster HD, Zhang T Discovering Chinese Mineral Drugs 1995, Vol10(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD, Neathery S, Guinn CA The Cytotoxic Food Sensitivity Test -An Important Diagnostic Tool 1995, Vol10(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Double Blind Studies often the Bane of Health Advancement; Report on Disciplinary Proceeding: the State of New York Against Warren Levin, M.D 1994, Vol9(4) Editorial
Arasteh K A Beneficial Effect of Calcium intake on Mood 1994, Vol9(4) Review
Hoffer A Schizophrenia: An Evolutionary Defence Against Severe Stress 1994, Vol9(4) Review
Jackson J, Riordan H, Doran L, Riordan N Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. 1994, Vol9(4) Case Study
Tuormaa TE The Adverse Effects of Food Additives on Health: A Review of the Literature with a Special Emphasis on Childhood Hyperactivity 1994, Vol9(4) Case Study
Melling M Pride, Prejudice and Vitamin C 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Cheraskin E The Myths of Milk 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Jackson J, Macray M, Riordan Hd, Hunninghake RE Auricular Therapy - Diagnosis and Treatment 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Coulter HL Empiricism Vs. Rationalism in Medicine 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Weiner MA Herbal Antioxidants in Clinical Practice 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Bland JS Neurobiochemistry: A New Paradigm for Managing Brain Biochemical Disturbances 1994, Vol9(3) Review
Hoffer A The Finnish Antioxidant and Lung Cancer Study; Health Care Freedom in Canada; Linus Pauling Institute Symposium 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Wiberg M, Templer DI Season of Birth in Multiple Sclerosis in Sweden: Replication of Denmark Findings 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Pleva J Are Promoters of Dental Amalgam Poisoned by Mercury? 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Malter R Trace Mineral Analysis and Psychoneuroimmunology 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Werbach MR Alkylglycerols and Cancer 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Spargo Williams Crowe FD Within Sight of the Promised Land 1994, Vol9(2) Editorial
Riordan HD, Jackson J, Hunninghake R Rheumatoid Arthritis in a Young Male 1994, Vol9(2) Case Study
Watts DL The Nutritional Relationships of Selenium 1994, Vol9(2) Case Study
Hoffer A Childhood Schizophrenia 1994, Vol9(2) Case Study
Hoffer A Progress in Psychiatry?: How Many Experiments Are Enough? 1994, Vol9(1) Editorial
Yiming L, Jackson J, Riordan N, Riordan H An Unusual Intestinal Parasitic Infection 1994, Vol9(1) Case Study
Hoffer A Chronic Schizophrenia Patients Treated Ten Years Or More 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Cheraskin E Vitamin C and Fatigue 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Campbell JD Organically Grown Food: A Misconception 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Ross C Vitamin B6 and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Case Report 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Gonzalez MJ The Emerging Field of Nutritional Tumorigenesis: The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Hattersley G Lowering Cholesterol with Lovastatin: the Wrong Approach:A Survey of Usually Overlooked Literature 1994, Vol9(1) Review
Hoffer A What Goes Around Comes Around; Alaskan Bears and Double Blind Controlled Experiments 1993, Vol8(4) Editorial
O'Reilly BA, Waring RH Enzyme and Sulphur Oxidation Deficiencies in Autistic Children with Known Food/Chemical intolerances 1993, Vol8(4) Review
Foster H Sudden infant Death Syndrome: the Bradford Hill Criteria and the Evaluation of the Thyroxine Deficiency Hypothesis 1993, Vol8(4) Review
Jackson J, Hunninghake R, Riordan H Case from the Center: Beat the Odds 1993, Vol8(4) Review
Hattersley JG The Answer to Crib Death 1993, Vol8(4) Review
Cheraskin E The Arithmetic of Health/Sickness: A Matter of Pluses and Minuses 1993, Vol8(4) Review
Cheraskin E Health Care Costs Are Rising: Myth Or Magic 1993, Vol8(3) Editorial
Hoffer A Lysine, Ascorbic Acid and Angina Pectoris; The Discovery of Heparin 1993, Vol8(3) Editorial
Rath M A New Era in Medicine 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Jackson J, Hunnignhake R, Riordan H Case from the Center: Sarcoidosis 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Pauling L Third Case Report on Lysine-ascorbate Amelioration of Angina Pectoris 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Jawues LB Heparin - A Challenging Enigma 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Lichtenberg H Elimination of Symptoms by Removal of Dental Amalgam from Mercury Poisoned Patients, As Compared with a Control Group of Average Patients 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Foster HD Fluoride and Its Antagonists: Implications for Human Health 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Braverman ER Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (Beam) in Patients Who Commit Violent Crimes: Are Bitemporal Abnormalities A Characteristic? 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Hoffer A, Pauling L Hardin Jones Biostatistical Analysis of Mortality Data for A Second Set of Cohorts of Cancer Patients with A Large Fraction Surviving At the Termination of the Study and A Comparison of Survival Times of Cancer Patients Receiving Large Regular Oral Doses of Vitamin C and Other Nutrients with Similar Patients Not Receiving these Doses 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Michael LD, Allen MJ Nutritional Supplementation, Electrical Stimulation and Age Related Macular Degeneration 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Kint M The Witch Hunt Is on Again 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Cheraskin E The Case of the Invisible Toothbrush: Why Some People Can Brush Less 1993, Vol8(3) Review
Hoffer A Misconduct in High Places; Freedom To Practice Complementary Medicine Gaining Momentum 1993, Vol8(2) Editorial
Cheraskin E The Name of the Game Is the Name: Revisited 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Mcbeath M, Pauling L A Case History: Lysine/Ascorbate-related Amelioration of Angina Pectoris 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Marlowe M, Bliss L Hair Element Concentrations and Young Children's Classroom and Home Behavior 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Rogers S Is Your Cardiologist Killing You? 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Jackson J, Hunninghake R, Riordan H Case from the Center: Chronic Abdominal Pain 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Hoffer A Orthomolecular Medicine Advances into the Mainstream 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Johnston GA Megavitamins and Psychotherapy: Effective, Economical and Time-saving Treatment - A Three Year Study 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Saam LT My Experience with Affective Disorder and Candidiasis 1993, Vol8(2) Review
Hoffer A The Politics of Medical Research; Alternative Medicine Liberated in A Second State 1993, Vol8(1) Editorial
Cheraskin E The Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Ritual 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Rath M Discovery of New Elements of Biological Communication Leading the Way To the Abolition of Infectious Disease, Cancer and Other Diseases As Causes of Human Mortality 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Berry T Selenium Deficiency and Clinical Findings in Schizophrenia: A Common Thread 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Torisky DM, Torisky CV, Kaplan S, Speicher C The NAC Pilot Project: A Model for Nutrition Screening and intervention for Developmentally Disabled Children with Behavior Disorders 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Hoffer A A Case of Alzheimers Treated with Nutrients and Aspirin 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Strong G The Incidence of Food Allergies in Down Syndrome Subjects As Determined by IgG and IgE Rast 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Jackson JA, Riordan HD Case from the Center" Ankylosing Spondylitis 1993, Vol8(1) Review
Mates M Schizophrenia As the Egoless State of Perfection 1993, Vol8(1)
Hoffer A The True Cost of Cynicism 1992, Vol7(4) Editorial
Cathcart RA The Third Face of Vitamin C 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Case from the Center: Illness and Intestinal Parasites 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Rodriguez JR, Gonzales MJ Cancer, Immunology and Aging: the Nutritional influence 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Foster HD Aluminum and Health 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Coulter HL The Meaning of "Natural Medicine 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Mates M Altered Levels of Consciousness in Schizophrenia 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Braverman ER, Weisberg E Nutritional Treatments for Hypertension 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Hoffer A Epiodermolysis Bullosa: A Zinc Dependent Condition? 1992, Vol7(4) Review
Hoffer A Did Henry VIII Suffer from Land-based Scurvy? 1992, vol7(3) Editorial
Lemley KV Thomas Addis and the Dietary Treatment of Kidney Disease 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Jackson J, Hunninghake R, Riordan H Case from the Center: Migraine Headaches and Food Sensitivities in A Child 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Marlowe M Low Level of Aluminum Exposure and Childhood Motor Performance 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Rath M Reducing the Risk for Cardiovascular Disease with Nutritional Supplements 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Hoffer A The Use of Bacterial Toxins in the Treatment of Cancer 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Mates M A Clinical Discussion of Shizophrenia from the Perspective of the Schizophrenic 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Heleniak, Shetty S The Princeton Metabolic Alternating Diet 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Wright JV Treatment of Chronic Anxiety and Associated Physical Complaints with Niacinamide and Essential Fatty Acids: Two Cases 1992, Vol7(3) Review
Hemingway DC Guest Editorial: Good Nutrition Lowers Health Care Costs 1992, Vol7(2) Editorial
Rath M Solution To the Puzzle of Human Evolution 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Rath M Lipoprotein(A); Reduction by Ascorbate 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Burke KE Oral and Topical L Selenomethionine Protection from Ultraviolet-induced Sunburn, Tanning and Skin Cancer 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Park S, Templer DI, Canfield M, Capellety GG Multivariate Analysis of Schizophrenic Dimensions 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Waterson SK Glutathione Deficiency: Therapeutic Target in Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Riordan HD, Jackson JA Case from the Center: Chronic Fatigue and Depression 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Green RG The Story of Mary Jane-a Modern Miracle 1992, Vol7(2) Review
Hoffer A 1992, Vol7(1) Editorial
Rath M A Unified theory of Human Cardiovascular Disease Leading the Way To the Abolition of This Diseases As A Cause for Human Mortality 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Jackson JA Case from the Center: Improvement of Essential Hypertension After EDTA intraveneous infusion 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Rath M, Pauling L Plamin-induced Proteolysis and the Role of Apoprotein(a), Lysine and Synthetic Lysine Analogs 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Berry T Negative Symptoms, Glutathione Peroxidase, and Dopamine Receptors 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Benton D Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation and the intelligence of Children- A Review 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Kelm H, Kelm A Endogenous Substances , Brain Dysfunction and Perceptual Changes in Schizophrenic Patients 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Werback M Nutritional influences on Aggressive Behavior 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Braverman ER, Smayda R Chronic Lead Poisoning as a Cause of Bulimia: Hair Analysis and Brain Electrical Activity Mapping (Beam) As Diagnostic Aids 1992, Vol7(1) Review
Carters S 1991, Vol6(4,3) Editorial
Patrick J Welcome To Second World Congress on Vitamin C 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Rath M, Pauling L Solution To the Puzzle of Human Cardiovascular Disease: Its Primary Cause Is Ascorbate Deficiency ading to the Deposition of Lipoprotein(a) and Fibrinogen/Fibrin in the Vascular Wall 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Pauling L, Rath M An Orthomolecular Theory of Human Health and Disease 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Rath M, Pauling L Apoprotein(a) Is An Adhesive Protein 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Rath M, Pauling L Case Report: Lysine/Ascorbate Related Amelioration of Angina Pectoris 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Cheraskin E Vitamin C and Stomatology: A Mouthful of Evidence 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Hoffer A Clinical Procedures in Treating Terminally Ill Cancer Patients with Vitamin C 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Clemetson CAB Vitamin C and Multifactorial Disease 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Ginter E Vitamin C Deficiency, Cholesterol Metabolism and Atherosclerosis 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Priestly Highly Beneficial Results in the Treatment of Aids 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Smith LH Children, Vitamin C and Medical Progress 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Philpott WH The Role of Melatonin in the Circadian Rhythm in Health and Disease 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Braverman ER Sports and Exercise: Nutritional Augmentation and Health Benefits 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Riordan HD, Jackson JA Cases from the Center: Topical Ascorbate Stops Prolonged Bleeding from Tooth Extraction 1991, Vol6(4,3) Review
Hoffer A Freedom of Choice Wins More Freedom 1991, Vol6(2) Editorial
Yu W, Foster HD Reducing the Incidence of Cancer of the Esophagus : Field Evidence of the Efficacy of Jiangshi, A Traditional Chinese Stone Drug 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Smith RS Is Fish Oil Protective Against AIDS? 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Zamm AV Dental Mercury: A Factor That Aggravates and induces Xenobiotic Intolerance 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Rodriguez LR, Gonzales MJ Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia with Vitamin E, C, and Lecithin: A Case Report 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Lester D National Consumption of Chocolate and Rates of Personal Violence 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Hattersley JG Acquired Atherosclerosis : Theories of Causation, Novel Therapies 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Landwehr R The Origin of the 42-year Stonewall of Vitamin C 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Report of the Pharmaceutical Inquiry of Ontario on Alternative Therapies 1991, Vol6(2) Review
Hoffer A Linus Pauling's 90th Birthday; National Cancer Institute and Vitamin C 1991, Vol6(1) Editorial
Templer DI, Hintze J, Trent NH, Trent A Schizophrenia, Latitude and Temperature 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Cheraskin JE Cardiovascular Dynamics and Edta Chelation with Multivitamin/Trace Mineral Supplementation 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Hoffer A The Role of Perceptual Tests in Diagnosing Schizophrenia 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Saleh SM Could Dietary Manipulation Modify Schizophrenic Behavior? 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Watts DL, Facep The Nutritional Relationships of Vitamin A 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Braverman ER Nutrition and Wound Healing 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Hoffer A Does Decreasing Cholesterol Levels increase the Death Rate from Accidents, Homocides and Suicides ? 1991, Vol6(1) Review
Hoffer A More on Fluoride, Mercury and Teeth: Alaska's Bill 146 1990, Vol5(4) Editorial
Braverman ER Brain Mapping: A Short Guide To interpretation and Philosophy 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Bakan P Confusion, Lethargy and Leukonydria 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Durko I, Papp E, Varga IS, Balogh P, Szerdahelyi P, Maroti L, Budai D, Raska L, Szilard J Antioxidant Enzyme Levels in Red Blood Cells of Chronic Alcoholics Men Patients During Oral Niacin Therapy 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Kitahara M A Precursor Study of the indoleamine and Catecholamine Hypotheses of Depression Using the Dietary Tryptophan and Tyrosine Ratios 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Cheraskin E Clinical Consequences of Edta Chelation 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Watts DL, Facep The Nutritional Relationships of Manganese 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Reichelt KL, Sagedal E, Landmark J, Sangvik BT, Eggen O, Scott H Effect of Gluten Free Diet on Urinary Peptide Excretion and Clinical State in Schizophrenia 1990, Vol5(4) Review
Hoffer A Cancer and Vitamin C 1990, Vol5(3) Editorial
Templer DI, Hughey B, Chalgujian H, Lavoie M, Trent NH, Sahwell P, Spencer DA Multiple Sclerosis , Schizophrenia, Temperature and Latitude 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Foster HD Schizophrenia and Esophageal Cancer: Comments on Similarities in their Spatial Distributions 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Blaurock-Busch E Mineral Imbalance in Pregnant Mothers and their Newborns 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Zamm AV Removal of Dental Mercury: often An Effective Treatment for the Very Sensitive Patient 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Hoffer A, Pauling L Hardin Jones Biostatistical Analysis of Mortality Data for Cohorts of Cancer Patients with a Large Fraction Surviving at the Termination of the Study and a Comparison of Survival Times of Cancer Patients Receiving Large Regular Oral Doses of Vitamin C and Other Nutrients with Similar Patients Not Receiving Those Doses 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Hoffer A, Pauling L Oral Citrus Seed Extract in Atopic Eczema: In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on Intestinal Microflora 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Watts DL, Facep Trace Elements and Neuropsychological Problems As Reflected in Tissue Mineral Analysis (TMA) Patients 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Hemingway DC Pantothenic Acid and Muscular Function 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Walker M A Primary Care Physicians Alternative for the benzodiazepines 1990, Vol5(3) Review
Washburn Jr CF, Reichert RC An Hypothesis for A Mechanism for the Pathogenesis of Psychomimetic Symptoms in Gluten/Gliadin Sensitive Individuals 1990, Vol5(3) Review
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