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Author Title Issue Type
Eishchens Shawna Hope for Healing, Case Studies of Patients with Mental/Emotional Concerns June 2019 Vol15(6) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Pickworth Courtney, Chan Lai Chim Chronic Major Depression, Rapid Improvement Using Naturopathic Therapies June 2019 Vol15(6) Student Scholarship
Gould Shunney Aimee CBD, Anxiety & Depression: Case Presentations & Clinical Pearls June 2019 Vol15(6) Integrative Cannabis
Brady David UBCNM Program Closure: A Canary in a Coal Mind? June 2019 Vol15(6) Open Letter to the Profession
Dehlinger Nicola Pleasure as Medicine: A Case Study June 2019 Vol15(6) Tolle Causam
Massey Jim Taming the Reptilian Brain June 2019 Vol15(6) Naturopathic Perspective
Mandych (McKinney) Lauren, Epstein Paul Tell Me Your Story: Narrative Medicine in the Therapeutic Relationship June 2019 Vol15(6) Tolle Totum
Czeranko Susanna Friedrich Eduard Bilz: (1842-1922) June 2019 Vol15(6) Nature Cure, Clinical Pearls
Schleich David Philanthrophy & Naturopathic Medicine: What Gives June 2019 Vol15(6) Education
Sharif Sharum Homeopathic Dermatology May 2019 Vol15(5) Tolle Causam
Decker Carrie Proteoglycans, A Turnkey Anti-Aging Solution? May 2019 Vol15(5) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Ahmadpour Roxanne, Brusewitz Jennifer GI Distress in a 21-Year-Old Male: An Elegant Naturopathic Approach to a Complex Disorder May 2019 Vol15(5) 1st Place Case Study, Student Scholarship
Knapp Angela How Well are You Aging? BDNF, TREM2 & Telomere Length as Biomarkers of Aging May 2019 Vol15(5) Docere
Stansbury Jillian Picrorhiza & Neopicrorhiza: Applications in Allergic & Inflammatory Lung Disorders May 2019 Vol15(5) Botanical Insights
DiPasquale Robin Gemmotherapy: A Powerful Modality for Treating Allergies May 2019 Vol15(5) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Streisfeld Rob Holistic Use of CBD for Acne May 2019 Vol15(5) Integrative Cannabis
Schleich David The AANMC at 20: Crossing to the Next Decade May 2019 Vol15(5) Education
Gruszecki Andrea Autoimmunity & Estrogen Metabolism, Find the "Goldilocks Zone" April 2019 Vol15(4) Naturopathic Perspective
Lucille Holly Treating Autoimmune Diseases. A Functional Approach for Practitioners April 2019 Vol15(4) Tolle Totum
Krasnov Elena Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: A 3-Year Case Study April 2019 Vol15(4) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Lee Tanya Herbs & Autoimmunity: Using Botanicals to Balance T-Cell Activity April 2019 Vol15(4) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Schleich David Message from the President: National University of Natural Medicine April 2019 Vol15(4) Education
Schleich David ND History Redux: What Many NDs Don't Know About a Small NJ Town April 2019 Vol15(4) Education
Louis Janelle Adverse Childhood Experiences, A Hidden Cause of Depression & Chronic Disease March 2019 Vol15(3) Tolle Causam
Kneiff Joyce, Kaltunas Jennifer A Perfect Storm, Case Study of a 20-Year Old with a Psychotic Episode March 2019 Vol15(3) Tolle Causam
Mittman Paul Message from the President: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine March 2019 Vol15(3) Education
Slater Darienne Medical Resources for NDs: A Review of Current Publications for the Naturopathic Industry March 2019 Vol15(3) Education
Schleich David Listen, Tell, Learn, Heal: Narrative Medicine Now March 2019 Vol15(3) Education
Frances Deborah, Chlebowski Chris Anxiety, Homeopathy, Herbs, & Hydrotherapy March 2019 Vol15(3) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Theriault Paul Homeopathy, Correcting the Record March 2019 Vol15(3) Naturopathic Perspective
Zelfand Erica Battling the 'Blahs': Supporting Mood, Energy & Sleep with Natural Therapies March 2019 Vol15(3) Tolle Totum
Czeranko Sussanna According to Kuhne March 2019 Vol15(3) Nature Cure, Clinical Pearls
Ruiz Guillermo, Christianson Alan Thyrotropin, Using the Marker to Manage Autoimmune Thyroiditis February 2019 Vol15(2) Docere
Stansbury Jillian Herbal Sexual Tonics for Men, Help or Hype? February 2019 Vol15(2) Botanical Insights
Cohen Max HPV Vaccine & Infertility: No Link February 2019 Vol15(2) Naturopathic Perspective
Jones Carrie Estrogen Dominance: When an Unhealthy Gut Estobolome is to Blame February 2019 Vol15(2) Naturopathic Perspective
Goldstein Serena Estrogen Dominance in Women February 2019 Vol15(2) Tolle Totum
Meletis Chris Antioxidants & Male Infertility: Can Supplements Make a Differencec February 2019 Vol15(2) Tolle Causam
Sornol Kris, Schroeder Mary, Hightower Kathryn, Miranda Francisco Rosa canina: A Potential Herbal Preventive for Post-C-section UTI February 2019 Vol15(2) Tolle Causam
Quraishi Humaira GMO Crops & Glyphosate: Detrimental Effects on Health February 2019 Vol15(2) Docere
Schleich David Biopharma & Biomedicine: The Stacked Deck February 2019 Vol15(2) Education
Cervantes Erick, Pfost Dale Prebiotics & Metabolic Regulation, Benefits Beyond the Gut January 2019 Vol15(1) Tolle Totum
Francis Alexandra, Winters Marie Psychiatric Disorders, Targeting the Microbiome January 2019 Vol15(1) Student Scholarship, Honorable Mention
Hines Shaon US Cannabis Regulation: What It Means for Naturopathic Doctors January 2019 Vol15(1) Docere
Nash Ginger FUT2 Secretor Status: Effects on Gut Health January 2019 Vol15(1) Docere
Harbourne Blaine Medical Resources for NDs: A Review of Current Publications for the Naturopathic Industry January 2019 Vol15(1) Education
Schleich David Naturopathic Medical Education: What a Russian Soldier Taught Me About Its Value Proposition January 2019 Vol15(1) Education
Larson Chad Autoimmunity & GI Disorders: Sorting Out the Triggers January 2019 Vol15(1) Tolle Causam
Knapp Angela Clostridia & Constipation: Using Organic Acid Testing in Diagnosis & Treatment January 2019 Vol15(1) Tolle Causam
Nigh Greg SIBO as an Adaptation: A Proposed Role for Hydrogen Sulfide January 2019 Vol15(1) Naturopathic Perspective
Pistoia Jared The Carroll Method: An Explanation January 2019 Vol15(1) Student Scholarship, Honorable Mention
DiPasquale Robin Gallbladder Disease: Not Just a Problem for Women January 2019 Vol15(1) Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Czeranko Sussanna Dyspepsia January 2019 Vol15(1) Nature Cure, Clinical Pearls