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Author Title Journal Type
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Rahman, Michael A Novel Approach to Skin Rejuvenation and Tightening 2013 May NDNR [2] Tolle Causam
Stansbury, Jilian Botanical Management of Streptococcal Infections of the Skin; Herbal Protocols for Impetigo and Erysipelas 2013 May NDNR [3] Botanical Medicine, Dermatology
Kellerstein, Joseph No Rash Decision Towards Phosphorus for Shingles 2013 February NDNR Similar Thought
Shillington Stacey Treating PCOS Acne From the Inside Out 2012 May;Vol8(5) NDNR [4] Tolle Causam
Whittington Debbie Atopic Dermatitis 2012 May;Vol8(5) NDNR Naturopathic Perspective
Hillier Jennifer Antiaging Facial Acupuncture 2012 May;Vol8(5) NDNR Naturopathic Perspective
Abell Robert Dermatology Case for the History Books 2012 May;Vol8(5) NDNR Docere
Arora Nadia Dermatitis Herpretiformis, Familiar and Unknown 2011 May NDNR
Whittington Debbie Case Study and Follow-Up of a 28-Year-Old Women with Acne Vulgaris 2011 May [5] NDNR Case Report
Standbury JIllian Photosensitizing Herbs for Skin Diseaseas and Cancer 2011 May NDNR Review
Weinhold Heidi Multifactoral Approach to Treating Lupus 2011 March NDNR Practice
Kellerstein Joseph 30-Year “Out of Control” Eczema 2010 August NDNR Case Study
Stansbury Jillian Botanical Management of difficult Skin Conditions, part 2 2010 July NDNR Botanical Insights
Ritz Barry W. Probiotics for the Prevention of Childhood Eczema 2011 May Natural Medicine [6] Peer-reviewed