Articles on Head, Ears, Eyes, Nose, and Throat Conditions

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Author Title Journal Type
Loomis Marnie, Preece Kayla Caffeine's Contradictory Role in Headaches 2013 July NDNR [1] Pain Medicine
Latif Abdul, Razique Abdul, Sukul R.R. Antimicrobial Activity of a Unani Eye Drop Formulation in Experimentally Induced Corneal Ulcer in Rabbit's Eye 2013 March;Vol6(1) IJNM Original Research
Oskin, Jamie Acute and Chronic Recurrent Oitits Media 2013 February NDNR [2] Tolle Causam
Anderson Paul Retinitis Pigmentosa 2012 October;Vol8(10) NDNR [3]
Noska Nolan Making "Scents" of Anosmia 2012 July;Vol8(7) NDNR [4] Naturopathic Perspective
Schleich David A Soft Bomb Behind the Eyes 2012 July;Vol8(7) NDNR [5] Education
Anderson Paul Natural Eye Therapies You Can Use: 2011 Update 2011 October NDNR
Kellerstein Joseph What Is That Buzzing In My Ear? 2011 February NDNR Case Study
Murray Michael T Magnesium Citrate Improves Vision in Normotensive Glaucoma 2011 March Natural Medicine [6] Abstract
Austin Steve Topical Capsaicin Reduces Migraine Pain in a Randomized Trial 2010 June Natural Medicine [7] Abstract
Kaczor Tina L-Carnosine’s Effects on Cataract Development 2010 April Natural Medicine [8] Peer-reivewed