Cancer: Its Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Author: Jones, Eli
Published: 2006
Publisher: Healing Mountain Publishing
Number of pages: 161 pages
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Product Description:

This classic discussion of the holistic management of cancer patients is highly regarded by practitioners of natural medicine. Healing Mountain Publishing is pleased to be able to offer a reprint of this important book, which has been fully annotated with modern research by Eric Yarnell, ND, RH. This synergy of traditional and modern medical information will make this volume a relevant and useful resource for years to come. Eli Jones, MD (1850-1933) was a noted Eclectic physician who practiced for over fifty years, at times assisting his colleagues with more than 1,500 cancer cases per year. Dr. Jones combined approaches from a variety of fields, including homeopathic, botanical, and physio-medicine, to create a highly successful approach to cancer treatment. After a long and distinguished career, he wrote Cancer: Its Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in part due to the demand of his peers. As he notes: Complete Table of Contents: Biographical Introduction, Annotator's Introduction, Dedication, Preface, Introductory, Cause of Cancer, Surgery Not a Cure for Cancer, X-Ray Treatment · The Medical Treatment of Cancer, The Diagnosis of Cancer, Taking a Case, Diet of Cancer Patients, A Medicated Bath, Have Patients Under Your Personal Care, Remedies That Have a Curative Effect Upon Cancer, Local Treatment of Cancer, Cancer of the Breast, Epithelioma, Cancer of Head, Face, Nose and Other External Forms of Cancer, Sarcoma, Radium as Cure for Cancer, Internal Cancer, Remedies That Are Useful in Treatment of Cancer, Facts Worth Remembering in Treatment of Cancer, Bronchocele, Exophthalmic Goitre, Appendices 1-3 · Bibliography · Index

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