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A case report, or case study, is the documentation of observations concerning a single individual or small group of individuals with respect to a new treatment or theory. Case studies describe the effects of innovative, less well known interventions and/ or the clinical course of unusual conditions. Case reports are valuable as a discovery-type of research. The value of case reports is to share novel clinical information and provide new theories and insights based on clinical experience. The analysis of a number of case reports, referred to as case series often provides the information required to test the theory/ intervention in a well designed randomized controlled trial.


  • Documents novel observations
  • Provides practitioners a means of sharing clinical experience
  • Inexpensive form of research
  • Allows an opportunity to highlight key clinical observations
  • Source of information for further research


  • Often a lack of generalizability to a wider population
  • Many possible contributing factors and lack of an adequate comparator group by which to identify and control for them