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Health is linked to emotional responsiveness in the face of changing life circumstances and social interactions. The word "e-motion" tells it all - we need to keep our feelings and energy in motion, rather than locking them in our tissues." Sat Dharam Kaur

The social aspect of a person's life is where they spend most of their time. The dynamics and demands of each one contributes to one's state of health or disease. The balance between the different social aspects of one's life is often a challenge and struggle. The social aspects impacts a person's mental and emotional health, their motivation and desire to get well and make healthy changes in their life, as well as their sense of belonging. Social factors include:

  • positive social network
  • family dynamics
  • work environment
  • school environment
  • community
  • religious or spiritual connection
  • relationships with others
  • friends - presence, absence and dynamics
  • history of physical or emotional trauma
  • personal economic status
  • psychological strength
Article Healthy Communication Workshop: A Catalyst for Postive Change, NDNR [1], 2011 June
  • communication and social skills
  • ability and freedom of expression
  • ability to handle social conflict and change