Chronic Candidiasis: Your Natural Guide to Healing with Diet

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Author: Michael T. Murray
Published: June 4, 1997
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Number of pages: 176 pages
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Product Description

Stop Candida Yeast Infections—Naturally!

Are you one of the millions of people affected by chronic candidiasis—the yeast syndrome? Often mistaken for other maladies, the yeast syndrome can lead to headaches, sore muscles, general fatigue, low resistance to colds and viruses, and other problems in both men and women. Of the two most common prescription treatments, one can inflict severe liver damage and the other is safe but of only limited effectiveness. Fortunately, there are potent natural alternatives. They’re clearly explained here by Dr. Michael T. Murray, co-author of the bestselling Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. You will learn how to:

  • Determine if you suffer from candida yeast syndrome
  • Follow Dr. Murray’s seven step program for combating candidiasis
  • Adjust you daily diet to control candida growth
  • Supplement your meals with nourishing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Strengthen your immune system to help resist candidiasis and many other invasive disorders And much more!

About the Author

Michael T. Murray, N.D. is widely regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on natural medicine. He is a graduate, faculty member, and serves on the Board of Trustees of Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Murray is the co-author of A Textbook of Natural Medicine, the definitive textbook on naturopathic medicine for physicians, as well as the consumer version - Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine. He has also written over 20 other books including The Healing Power of Herbs and The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements.