Clinical Naturopathic Medicine

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Author: Leah Hechtman
Published: June 21, 2011
Publisher: A Churchill Livingstone Title
Number of pages: 1610 pages
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Product Description

A clinical foundation textbook to help practitioners integrate the naturopathic perspective with conventional western medicine

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is designed to assist with the incorporation of holistic traditional principles of naturopathy with the scientific justification of evidence-based medicine.

Systems oriented rather than disease oriented, this helpful handbook places a naturopathic focus on all body systems - from the gastrointestinal to the musculoskeletal and the male and female reproductive systems.

This expertly written medical textbook is logically arranged for readers to quickly locate similar information about a body system or medical condition within any given chapter.

Each condition is assessed from both a macro and micro perspective to encompass true naturopathic philosophy. It is then integrated into a concise discussion of treatment objectives and therapeutic considerations, with case studies to support recommendations.

Through clear, accessible directions, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine outlines ways in which health professionals can apply naturopathic medicine to the individual treatment of patients.