Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice

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Clinical naturopathy wardle.jpg
Author: Sarris, Jerome, Wardle Jon
Published: April 30, 2010
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Number of pages: 850
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Product Description:

A landmark guide to naturopathic practice in Australia - ideal for naturopaths, naturopathy students and Allied Health and medical practitioners

Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice details key treatment protocols and evidence-based complementary medicine interventions for use in naturopathic practice.

This valuable naturopathy resource is authored by leading practitioners in the field. Its unique perspective combines clinical experience with evidence-based substantiation from rigorous medical research.

Clinical Naturopathy explores key naturopathic treatments - including herbal treatments, nutritional and dietary treatments and lifestyle treatments - for common medical symptoms and conditions encountered in modern practice.

Clinical Naturopathy: An evidence-based guide to practice outlines an introduction to case-taking methodology and naturopathic diagnostic techniques. It then details treatment protocols and naturopathic prescriptions to treat major health conditions within individual body systems. The textbook also offers special sections on naturopathic treatment throughout the life cycle, including paediatrics, pregnancy and aging, as well as complex health conditions like HIV, cancer and pain management. Comprehensive appendices provide additional clinically important material, such as reference levels for laboratory medical tests, nutrient food values and traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. This one-of-a-kind naturopathic reference makes essential reading for practitioners wishing to enhance practical application of their skills in a clinical setting, and advance their knowledge of evidence-based complementary medicine interventions.

  • addresses pre-clinical and clinical naturopathy subjects (from third year naturopathy to post-graduate level)
  • focuses on major medical conditions, and outlines naturopathic and integrative medical treatments
  • features case studies to contextualise theory into relevant clinical application
  • includes user-friendly clinical decision trees, tables and figures
  • is rigorously researched with over 4000 references

About the Author:

Jon Wardle is a naturopath focusing on female reproductive health practising in Brisbane. Jon has worked in both the conventional and complementary medicine areas and values an integrative approach to treatment.

Jon Wardle has lectured at several naturopathic colleges and lectures at various universities both nationally and internationally. When not in practice Jon is a researcher at the University of Queensland and is a Founding Director of the Network of Researchers in the Public Health of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NORPHCAM) and is the Founding Director of the Naturopathy Foundation

Jerome Sarris holds an NHMRC Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellowship at The University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry. Jerome moved from clinical practice to academic work and completed a doctorate at The University of Queensland in the area of Complementary and Integrative Medicine and mental health. He has a particular interest in depression, anxiety and insomnia research, in herbal psychopharmacology and integrative treatment models.