Eco-Agent Man: The case of the vanishing moth

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EcoAgent Ballard.jpg
Author: Tom Ballard
Published: October 10, 2009
Publisher: CreateSpace
Number of pages: 114 pages
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Product Description:

Nick Chronos, undercover Ecology-Agent with a bag of quirky low-tech tricks, battles a ruthless developer to save an endangered species - the Spotted Porch Light Moth

About the author:

Tom Ballard, RN, ND, is a writer of fiction and non-fiction. He's received awards from the Washington State Screenplay Contest, Artist Trust, and ALR New Play Search. He is founder of Pure Wellness Centers ( in Renton and Seattle and practices "green medicine; finding the cause, providing natural solutions." Dr. Ballard has spoken and published on sugar addiction, weight-loss, thyroid disease, pain-free without drugs, heart disease, and detoxification. Contact him at