Foundation of Youth or Curing by Water How You May Quickly Overcome Acute and Chronic Illness By The Use of the Biological Blood-Washing Bath

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Author: Benedict Lust
Published: 1923 original, reproduction : August 10, 2003
Publisher: 1923 MacFadden Publications, Inc.New York, reproduction: Kessinger Publishing, LLC
Number of pages: 160 (reproduction), original 142.
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Product Description:

Dr. Benedict Lust presents how you may quickly overcome acute and chronic illness by the use of the biological blood-washing bath. Contents; bath as an index of civilization; bathing for health; bathing for beauty; baths as big medicine; history of hydrotherapy; how the blood is stimulated by hot water; wholesome water vs. dangerous drugs; internal use of water; intestinal bath and the purification of the inner body; new blood-washing bath; how the prolonged hot shower invigorates and rejuvenates

About the Author:

Benedict Lust and his wife Louisa Lust were early 19th-century naturopathists who promoted the benefits of natural healing via water, a vegetarian diet, clean air and clean water, swimming, and sun-bathing.