Gemmotherapy Ampelopsis veitchii (Virginia creeper)

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Ampelopsis veitchii, also known as Boston Ivy, is a creeper known for its rapid growth. It has an abundance of deciduous leaves that cover walls entirely while it lets them breathe, and displays beautiful red foliage in the fall. Although its black fruits are known to be toxic and can cause digestive problems, the young shoots have no toxicity and are therefore commonly used in gemmotherapy.[1]

Key notes

  • Repair and regeneration for joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage[2]
  • Post inflammatory degeneration and condition
  • Fibrosis, sclerosis, and retraction of tissue

Therapeutic actions

  • Great for inflammatory or degenerative joint pathologies
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-sclerotic properties
  • Regenerative properties of connective tissues

Clinical indications


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