Gemmotherapy Betula verrucosa (Silver birch)

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Betula verrucosa, or Silver birch can reach up to twenty-five metres in height. It is a very adaptive tree that can be found in lowlands as well as up to 2000 metres high in altitude. Its branches tend to fall downwards, while its white bark tends to crack and peel into strips, giving it its characteristic silhouette. Betula verrucosa is considered a tree of light and has a great need for sunlight, even in frozen mountains.[1]

Key notes

  • Pediatric remedy, not as strong as betula pubescens, tonic for children and adolescents.[2]
  • For growth and regeneration of organs and bones through remineralisation
  • Liver and kidney drainage
  • Inflammation modulating
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Immune system modulation

Clinical indications


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