Gemmotherapy Rubus idaeus (Raspberry)

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Rubus idaeus or Raspberry, is commonly found in woods, thickets, clearings, and edges. It is a shrub about one to two metres high, with erect stems that produce several side shoots. Small thorns can be found on the stems, which die on the second year after fruiting. Raspberry is known to be a pioneer plant, improving acidic soils. The leaves of this plant are composed of three to five leaflets, which are white and cotton-like on their underside. Its small greenish white flowers bloom from May to July. [1]

Key notes

Therapeutic actions

  • Helps provide relief from menstrual problems
  • Main remedy in women, related to reproductive organs in the pelvic region
  • Works in anatomo-pathologic states characterised by fibro-sclerosis

Clinical indications


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