Heidelberg Radiotelemetric Device

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The Heidelberg Radiotelemetric device is used to assess the level of hydrochloric acid, or hypochlorhydria in the stomach.


  1. To measure the acid level you swallow a capsule about the size of a vitamin capsule. This capsule is an acid-measuring radio telemetry device. It measures the acidity of the stomach and radios the results to an antenna which the patient wears like a large belt around the waist during this one- to two-hour test.
  2. While the telemetry capsule is in the stomach, you swallow a teaspoon of water saturated with sodium bicarbonate in order to challenge the stomach's ability to make acid.
  3. If the stomach is normal, we can see the acidity return to the stomach. If the stomach is unable to withstand five of these challenges, we know we are dealing with hypochlorhydria.

Associated Conditions

The Heidelberg test will pick up the problem if it exists in the stomach or first part of the small intestine. It can be used to assess for: