House Call

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HouseCall Dawahare.jpg
Author: Melissa M. Dawahare
Published: December 2007
Publisher: Wheatmark
Number of pages: 264 pages
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Product Description

Are you in pain? Overweight? Tired and fatigued? Stressed and depressed? Sick of treating your symptoms with drugs that don't help? Would you like to find natural ways to solve your health problems? In House Call: How Ordinary People Have Extraordinary Health, you'll find natural solutions to all of these health problems and more. You'll find a simple four-part approach to achieving health and wellness naturally without medications. And it's so simple, anyone can do it!

A human being is like a house with four rooms: a physical room, a mental room, an emotional room, and a spiritual room. If you go into each room on a daily basis and do some light housecleaning, you can achieve optimal health and wellness. With Dr. Dawahare's complete health system, you get detailed help with the entire process, not just a list of to-dos. Dr. Dawahare shows you the secrets of health transformation and how healthy people live as well as:

  • How to heal physical pain and disease
  • How to have more energy
  • How to heal mental illness and pain
  • How to end depression and stress
  • How to heal emotional pain and baggage
  • How to release excess weight
  • How to heal spiritual suffering and pain
  • How to feel balanced and connected

About the author:

Melissa Dawahare has studied shamanism with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Alicia Luengas Gates, and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies since 2002, and teaches for the Foundation in Arizona. She is a naturopathic medical doctor, a registered nurse, and shamanic practitioner who has over 12 years of clinical experience in mainstream and alternative healthcare. She is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Iowa. Melissa is the author of several books including, The ND Survival Guide for the Acupuncture Board Exam and House Call: How Ordinary People Have Extraordinary Health. She is also a public speaker and educates people about naturopathic medicine and shamanism.