Naturally Well: Unbeatable Health, the Simple, Sensible Way

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NaturallyWell Hardy.jpg
Author: Dr. Randall Hardy & Carolyn Dean M.D. ND
Published: January 2011
Publisher: Supernaturally Well
Number of pages: 86 pages
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Product Description: We exercise more and we think we eat better than ever before. But we worry more, too - about heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, even about worry itself. We should be healthy, but we're afraid we're not. Here's how your body can be completely and naturally prepared for the modern world in which we live. Naturally Well is a primer for the uninitiated in natural health and contains pearls of wisdom for both the seasoned practitioner and the informed lay person. Learn how becoming well through natural foods, easy exercise and a calm frame of mind can prevent illness and restore you to vibrant health. Naturally Well is a must read for everyone of all ages.