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Author Title Journal Type
Lloyd, Iva The Psychological Aspect of Pain 2013 July NDNR [1] Pain Medicine
Arneson, David Depression- Part 2 2013 May NDNR [2] Insomnia/Sleep Medicine
Arneson David Depression Part 1 2013 April NDNR Vis Medicatrix Naturae
Bongiorno, Peter Depression and Sleep 2013 March NDNR Tolle Causam
Bush, Bradley Approaches to Anxiety Disorders 2013 March NDNR Docere
Czeranko, Sussanna Sleeping With Your Stress 2013 March NDNR Tolle Totum
Swanson, Mark Kids With CIDS - Children With Insomnia and Disordered Sleep 2013 March NDNR The expert Report
Stansbury, Jillian Anxiety and Depression 2013 March NDNR Botanical Insights
Dean Carolyn Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, and Magnesium 2012 October [3] Natural Medicine Research Review
Solomonian Leslie The Effect of In Utero Maternal Distress on the Neurodevelopment of the Fetus 2012 September;Vol8(9) NDNR [4] Tolle Totum
Stanislaw Jody Is it Really Depression? 2012 July;Vol8(7) NDNR [5] Tolle Totum
Kaczor Tina Ongoing Neuropsychological Issues in Breast Cancer Survivors 2012 May Natural Medicine [6] Abstract
Bongiorno Peter Toxicity and Depression 2012 March;Vol8(3) NDNR [7] Naturopathic Perspective
Watson Lisa Adolescent Insomnia 2012 March;Vol8(3) NDNR [8] Tolle Totum
Peyman Tara How to Make or Break the Outcome of Borderline Personality Disorder 2012 March;Vol8(3) NDNR Naturopathic Perspective
Stansbury Jillian Botanicals for Emotional Illnesses 2012 March;Vol8(3) NDNR [9] Botanical Insights
Czeranko Sussanna Hydrotherapy Protocols for Sleep Disorders 2012 March;Vol8(3) NDNR Clinical Pearls
Appleton Jeremy Lavender Oil for Anxiety and Depression, an ND review of the literature on the safety and efficacy of lavender 2012 February Natural Medicine [10]
Crinnion Walter J Avoiding ADHD Triggers, In Utero and After Delivery 2011 September NDNR
Wagstaff Craig, Wagstaff Karin The Effect of Emotional Trauma on Metabolism 2011 July NDNR
Bongiorno Peter Physical Medicine for Depression 2011 April [11] NDNR
Bush Bradley Hidden Causes of Insomnia 2011 April [12] NDNR
Peyman Tar Homeopathic Management of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder 2011 April [13] NDNR
Weiss Decker An Unexpected Herbal Treatment for Anxiety 2011 April [14] NDNR
Rissman Steve To Scream or Not to Scream? Anger expression v. anger catharsis 2010 November NDNR [15] Tolle Causam
Bowker Stacy Discusses the correlation between ADHD and OSA, as well as a naturopathic approach to treatment addressing this particular cause 2010 September NDNR
Skye Goldin Tara Takes a look at the symptomology of bipolar disorder, and offers a case study with successful naturopathic treatment 2010 September NDNR [16]
Groves Anesia At-Home Guided Imagery. A cost-effective and accessible therapy for common conditions featuring a mind-body “disconnect” 2010 June NDNR [17] Primum Non Nocere
Lloyd Iva The Impact of the Mind on Sleep 2010 June NDNR [18] Tolle Totem
Fleetwood Christie "Antidepressants and Dementia: More Risk than Benefit?" 2011 September Natural Medicine Journal: 2010 and 2011 [19] Abstract
Schor Jacob Green Tea and L-Thenine in Cognitive Impairment Disorders 2011 June Natural Medicine [20] Abstract
Ryan Susan Vitamin D and Depression, Study reflects a direct relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression 2011 January Natural Medicine [21] Abstract
Ryan Susan, Gazella Karolyn Evaluation of S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAMe) as Primary or Adjuvant Treatment of Depression 2011 January Natural Medicine [22] Peer-Reviewed
Kaczor Tina Improvement in Cognition and Mood with Multivitamin/Mineral in Healthy Males 2010 December Natural Medicine [23] Abstract
Psota Erin Infants’ Health Affected by Mothers’ Prenatal Anxiety 2010 December Natural Medicine [24] Abstract
Bongiorno Peter, LoGiudice Pina Hypericum for Depression 2010 December Natural Medicine [25] Peer-reviewed
Gazella Karolyn Exploring the Association Between Sleep Loss and Illness with Sleep Research Expert Thomas J. Balkin, PhD, Chief of the Department of Behavioral Biology at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (Audio) 2010 July Natural Medicine [26] Interview
Chang Joe C Acupuncture for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Review of Evidence-Based Research 2010 April Natural Medicine [27] Peer-reviewed
Mackay Douglas Are Antidepressant Drugs Effective? 2010 February Natural Medicine Abstract
Emmons Henry, Gordon James S, Hangee-Bauer Carl, Gahles Nancy Clinical Challenge Question: Regarding the integrative treatment of depression, what aspects are often overlooked or poorly understood in clinical practice? 2010 February Natural Medicine Clinical Roundtable
Schor Jacob Emotions and Health: Laughter Really is Good Medicine 2010 January Natural Medicine [28] Peer-reviewed
Seeley Dugald, Cooley Kieran, Fritz Heidi Links between ADHD and environmental pollutants 2008 Summer Vital Link ADHD, Environmental Medicine
Frketich Kira Emotions and Disease--a psychoneuroimmunologic approach to healing 2007 Winter Vital Link Mind-Body
Doherty Sonya, Doherty Carissa Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 2005 Spring/Summer Vital Link ADD
Smith Caroline Stress, anxiety and health status of participants volunteering for an Australian study for stress management 2005 Summer;Vol2(1) IJNM
Bradbury Joanne Are low-fat diets associated with stress? 2004 September;Vol 1(1) IJNM Original Research