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Articles from the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors' journal "Vital Link" prior to 2010.

Author Title Issue Type
Love Daria The Naturopathic Principles Applied to Health Care in the 21st Century 2009 Fall Vol16(3) Principles
Tsui Teresa Hydrotherapy Self-Care in Osteoarthritis: Cooperating with the Healing Power of Nature 2009 Fall Vol16(3) Osteoarthritis
Marier Denis Ecotherapy: Embodying the Vis Medicatrix Naturae in Clinical Practice 2009 Fall Vol16(3) Principles
Lloyd Iva How Nature's Rhythms Affect Your State of Health 2009 Fall Vol16(3) Environmental Medicine
Bender John Treating the Whole Person Then and Now 2009 Summer Vol16 (2) Principles
Bove Mary Connecting the Threads of Disease: Cause and Effect in Female Endocrine Health 2009 Summer Vol16 (2) Endocrine
Slipacoff Susan Treating the Whole Person from a Structural Perspective 2009 Summer Vol16 (2) Musculoskeletal, Principles
Willow Katherine Case Reports Using German New Medicine 2009 Summer Vol16 (2)
Seeley Dugald Research and the Value of Evidence in Naturopathic Medicine 2009 Winter/Spring Vol16 (1) Research
Saunders Paul Herbal Traditions for Stimulating the Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Adaptogens and Alternatives 2009 Winter/Spring Vol16 (1) Botanical
Czeranko Sussanna Putting Nature Back into Naturopathic Medicine 2009 Winter/Spring Vol16 (1) Environmental Medicine
McKinney Neil Creating Healing for Cancer Patients 2009 Winter/Spring Vol16 (1) Oncology
Spooner Chris Genetics and Environmental Toxins: Xenobiotic-induced illnesses associated with single nucleotide polymorphisms of cytochrome P450 and conjugation enzymes 2008 Fall Vol15(3) Environmental Medicine
Kassam Neemez A TCM Perspective on Identifying the Root Cause of Disease 2008 Fall Vol15(3) TCM, Assessment, Principles
Lloyd Iva The Root Cause of Disease is Never a Symptom 2008 Fall Vol15(3) Assessment, Principles
Mazzuchin Chris Identifying the Root Cause of Disease is Not a Destination, but a Journey 2008 Fall Vol15(3) Assessment, Principles
Seeley Dugald, Cooley Kieran, Fritz Heidi Links between ADHD and environmental pollutants 2008 Summer Vol15(2) ADHD, Environmental Medicine
Kaur Sat Dharam Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health 2008 Summer Vol15(2) EMF
Crinnion Walter Why it is best to avoid farmed salmon 2008 Summer Vol15(2) Environmental Medicine
Dugoua Jean-Jacques A heavy load: an overview of the toxic burden of the average Canadian 2008 Summer Vol15(2) Environmental Medicine
Spooner Chris Environmental medicine: a clinical perspective 2008 Summer Vol15(2) Environmental Medicine
Lescheid David The role of vitamin D3 in autoimmune disorders 2008 Winter/Spring Vol15(1) Autoimmune
Ward Tawyna Autoimmune disease heterogeneity: decoding pathogenesis to better guide treatment 2008 Winter/Spring Vol15(1) Autoimmune
Jacklin Teri Considering multiple sclerosis, psychoneuroimmunology, and mind-body medicine 2008 Winter/Spring Vol15(1) Mind-Body
Jenab Arvin Suchness' of Reality--Perspectives on mind-body medicine 2007 Winter Vol14(3) Mind-Body
Marier Denis Take a Walk on the Wild Side--Integrating Ecopsychology into Naturopathic Medicine 2007 Winter Vol14(3) Mind-Body
Lloyd Iva What is Really Controlling Cellular Communication? 2007 Winter Vol14(3) Assessment
Frketich Kira Emotions and Disease--a psychoneuroimmunologic approach to healing 2007 Winter Vol14(3) Mind-Body
Czeranko Sussanna Halotherapy: A Naturopathic Breath of Fresh Air' 2007 Fall Vol14(2)
Rahman Michael Nebulised Glutathione for the Management of Pulmonary Conditions: Truth or Myth? 2007 Fall Vol14(2) Respiratory
Ward Tawnya The Effect of Inhalant Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities on Asthma 2007 Fall Vol14(2) Asthma
Reid Kate The Influence of Air Pollution on the Respiratory System 2007 Fall Vol14(2) Respiratory
Jones Stephen IV Treatments for Lung Cancer 2007 Fall Vol14(2) Oncology, IV
Dronyk Robert Clinical Pearls--Manipulation Considerations for the Elderly 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Manipulation, Geriatrics
Farnsworth Gerald Addressing Nocturia in Seniors 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Geriatrics
Kellerstein Joe Clinical Pearls--Case Studies: Homeopathy in End-Stage Illness 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Homeopathy
Saunders Paul Medical Interactions: Naturopathic Doctors Play a Unique Roll 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1)
Armstrong Heidi Assessing Driving Competence 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Geriatrics
Kendall-Reed Dietary Considerations for Seniors and the Aging Population 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Geriatrics
Loken Jason Increasing Lung Capacity for Seniors Through Exercise 2007 Spring/Summer Vol14(1) Respiratory, Movement
Parmar Gurdev The Metabolic Syndrome & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy 2006 Winter Vol13(3) Metabolic Syndrome
Nomm Inga Vitamin B12 Metabolic Concerns 2006 Winter Vol13(3) Metabolic
Rivet Quinn New Pathology and Suggested Guidelines for the Proteinuric Diabetic Patient 2006 Winter Vol13(3) Endocrine
Rolston Chris Diagnostic Classifications in Adrenal Assessment via Serum and Salivary Testing 2006 Fall Vol13(2) Adrenal
Saunders Paul Botanical Approaches to Adrenal Insufficiency 2006 Fall Vol13(2) Adrenal
Kawaski Misa TCM Perspective of Adrenal Dysfunction 2006 Fall Vol13(2) Adrenal
Dunk Kenneth Arthritis: Manipulation and Physical Treatment Perspectives 2006 Spring/Summer Vol13(1) Musculoskeletal
Dugoua, Jean-Jacques Dugoua First-line and Second-line treatments of Arthritis - an evidence based review 2006 Spring/Summer Vol13(1) Arthritis
Loken Jason Differential Diagnosis of Polyarthritis 2006 Spring/Summer Vol13(1) Arthritis
Rahman Michael, Torres Nestor Mesotherapy-A holistic and not-so-new approach to managing arthritis pain 2006 Spring/Summer Vol13(1) Arthritis
Ayoup Rob Exercise & Diabetes: From Benefits to Precautions 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Diabetes
Bailetti Katia Applying Naturopathic Principles to Clinical Practice 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Principles
Ceaser Sean Low Carbohydrate Diet & Other Nutritional Considerations for Treatment and Prevention of Complications of Diabetes 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Nutrition, Diabetes
Doherty Sonya, Doherty Carissa Type I Diabetes Mellitus 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Diabetes
Kussmann-Armstrong Heidi Diabetic Drug Therapy: Side Effects, Contraindications and Interactions 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Diabetes, Drug Reactions
Lloyd Iva Energetic Viewpoint on Diabetes 2005 Winter Vol12(3) Diabetes, Assessment
Colello Jackie New Consideration of a Forgotten Treatment for Congestive Heart Failure 2005 Fall Vol12(2) Cardiovascular
Dugoua Jean Jacques The World's Top Heart Medications: Interactions, nutrient deficiencies and common side effects 2005 Fall Vol12(2) Cardiovascular
Saunders Paul Heart Rate Variability: Implications for Clinical Practice 2005 Fall Vol12(2) Cardiovascular
Doherty Sonya, Doherty Carissa Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 2005 Spring/Summer Vol12(1) ADD
Lescheid David Childhood Vaccinations and Immunity: a Naturopathic Perspective 2005 Spring/Summer Vol12(1) Pediatric, Immune
Renni Patricia Autism Averted: Review of the Underlying Causes and Effective Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders 2005 Spring/Summer Vol12(1) Autism
Rouchotas Philip Childhood Obesity: a Call for Action 2005 Spring/Summer Vol12(1) Pediatric, Obesity