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Author Title Journal Type
Baral Matthew Vitamin D and Risk of Acute Respiratory Infections 2012 November Natural Medicine [1] Abstracts & Commentary
Tais Setareh The Effects of Meditation and Exercise on Acute Respiratory Infections 2012 October Natural Medicine [2]
Chasse Jaclyn Pelargonium Sidoides for Pediatric Bronchitis 2012 September Natural Medicine [3] Abstract
Cardwell Winston Acupuncture Improves COPD Symptoms 2012 August Natural Medicine [4] Abstract
Schor Jacob "Clowns Help Children with Respiratory Infections Get Well Faster" 2011 December Natural Medicine [5]
Mitchell Jessica Rethinking Zinc Supplementation as a Treatment for Pediatric Pneumonia 2010 August Natural Medicine [6] Abstract
Austin Steve Oral Magnesium Again Reported to Help Asthma Sufferers in a Randomized Trial 2010 September Natural Medicine [7] Abstract
Dean Carolyn Effect of Oral Magnesium Supplementation on Asthma 2010 May Natural Medicine [8] Abstract
Rahman Michael Nebulised Glutathione for the Management of Pulmonary Conditions: Truth or Myth? 2007 Fall Vital Link Respiratory
Ward Tawnya The Effect of Inhalant Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities on Asthma 2007 Fall Vital Link Asthma
Reid Kate The Influence of Air Pollution on the Respiratory System 2007 Fall Vital Link Respiratory
Saunders Paul Richard Asthma: The State of our Knowledge 2004 September;Vol 1(1) IJNM NMRA Thought Leaders
DiPasquale Robin Treating a Cough With Herbs 2010 October NDNR Botanical Insights