Cardiovascular Conditions

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Over half of the deaths in North American can be contributed to heart and blood-vessel diseases. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is often associated with an unhealthy lifestyle factors and chronic stress, yet the contributing factors are complex and varied. Prevention is the primary goal.

Cardiovascular Conditions
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Cardiovascular Conditions
Causes Food Reactions, Smoking, Allergies, Infections
See Also General Conditions, Respiratory Conditions
Books Books on Cardiovascular Conditions such as Naturopathic Treatment of Blood Pressure and others.
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Categories of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) can be grouped into four categories: generalized cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the heart, peripheral vascular disorders and blood disorders.

Generalized Cardiovascular Disorders

Diseases of the Heart

Peripheral Vascular Disorders

Blood Disorders

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