Gemmotherapy Rosa canina (Dog rose)

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Rosa canina or Dog rose, is a dense, bushy and creeping shrub that grows up to three metres high. It is found more commonly at the edge of woods and forests and can grow in all types of soils. It branches can be found with very sharp thorns. [1]

Key notes

  • Stimulates immunity[2]
  • Re-equilibrates the protein profile
  • Is complementary to many of the buds
  • Upper respiratory infections (URI) affinity
  • Headaches and migraines

Therapeutic actions

  • Major ENT remedy (acute/chronic), for recurring localised infections, inflammation and mucosal inflammation
  • Immune system: Stimulates immunity via RES phagocytosis and has antiviral properties
  • Typical remedy for children lacking immune defences

Clinical indications


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