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Latest Edit: Iva Lloyd, ND 2013-03-23 (EDT)

The psychological aspect is one aspect of an individual that relates to thoughts and emotions. It represents how we perceive ourselves and the world and how we communicate with our world and with ourselves. It is the sense we have of our self in relationships to inner standards and external expectations. The psychological permeates the whole person and is able to influence all aspects of the individual.

  • The psychological is continually being shaped and influenced by our experiences, our enviornment and our state of health. There is an unconscious, conscious and verbal or expressive aspect to the psychological component. The personal essence and the unconscious psychological aspect are closely related. The personal essence can be thought of as setting that unconscious expectations and the psychological as responding to the harmony between one's experiences and expectations. The unconscious holds the deep personal beliefs that influence our life, that responds to situations, and that 'filters' or assesses their impact and significance.
  • The conscious aspect of that psychological relates to the thoughts and emotions that we are aware of or that we can 'tune into' when we pay attention. It represents our ability to perceive and sense our bodily functions, to be aware of symptoms and our external environment. The verbal or expressive component of the psychological relates to how we communicate our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and perceptions.[1]


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