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Article What is Really Controlling Cellular Communication?, Vital Link; 2007 Winter

The structural aspect of an individual represents the physical matter, the form, shape, outline, and alignment of the physical body. It relates to the physical structure of a person and to the structure and form or organs and tissues. A person's structure provides the foundation and the container for the body. It protects and supports a person literally and figuratively. When aligned, it allows for the functional aspect of the body to work appropriately, bodily fluids to flow unimpeded, and for harmonious energetic cellular communication.

When there is structural misalignment it results in functional and psychological changes in the body. A person's structure is affected by many different factors, such as, posture, gait, ergonomics, excesses or deficiencies in movement and exercise, nutritional level, lifestyle and even a person's clothing and shoes. It is impoacted by a person's constitution, their occupation, their muscle strength and the frequency and amount of load that they carry.[1]

Naturopathic therapies such as Physical Medicine, postural and exercise recommendations work primarily on this level.


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