The Fasting Diet

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Author: Steven Bailey
Published: September 26, 2001
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Number of pages: 176 pages
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Product Description

A medically sound way to relieve common ailments, such as allergies and digestive complaints

Fasting--going for short periods of time without certain types of foods--is gaining more attention for its ability to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, promote healing, and lead to heightened emotional awareness and clarity. Presented by an expert in the field, The Fasting Diet is a medically sound and risk-free approach that will allow you to achieve all of the benefits of fasting without endangering health or drastically altering your lifestyle.

About the Author

Steven Bailey, N.D., is an internationally recognized authority on therapeutic fasting. He lectures worldwide and is the author of more than 150 articles on national health.