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The following books were written on Naturopathic Medicine or were authored co-authored by Naturopathic Doctors. For a listing of other books on naturopathic medicine.

Author Date Title ISBN To Order
Ali Elvis, Vegotsky K 2000 Stress Free Living – 222 Ways to Live Stress Free ISBN 978-1886508040 [1]
Ali Elvis, Garshowitz David, Hui Fred, Levinson Hal, Vegotskhy Ken, Lyon Michael, Thompson Lynda, Saunders Paul 2001 The All in One Guide to ADD & Hyperactivity ISBN 978-1886508293 [2]
Ali Elvis, Owen Bob L 2001 Ask Drs. Bob and Elvis - How to Maintain Your Health ISBN 9781882657209 [3]
Alschuler Lise 2001 Textbook of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine 0879838102 [4]
Bailey Steven 2001 The Fasting Diet ISBN 978-0658011450 [5]
Barnes, Karen 2004 Naturopathic First Aid: A guide to treating minor first aid conditions with natural medicines ISBN 1-897025-13-0 [6]
Bennett Peter, Barrie Stephen 2005 Energize Your Life: A Three-Week Plan to Change the Way You Look, Feel & Live ISBN 978-0976017806 [7]
Bennett Peter, Barrie Stephen, Faye Sara 2001 7-Day Detox Miracle: Revitalize Your Mind and Body with This Safe and Effective Life-Enhancing Program ISBN 978-0761530978 [8]
Block M. Daniel 2003 The Revolution of Naturopathic Medicine: Remaining True to Our Philosophy ISBN 978-0973140620 [9]
Bodeker G., Burford G., Grundy C., and Ong C.K. 2005 WHO Global Atlas of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine ISBN 978-9241562867 [10]
Boice Judith 2002 Pocket Guide to Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 978-8173032431 [11]
Boon Heather & Smith Michael 2004 The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to the 50 Most Common Medicinal Herbs ISBN 978-0778800811 [12]
Bourne J. Edmund, Brownstein Arlen and Garano Lorna 2004 Natural Relief for Anxiety: Complementary Strategies for Easing Fear, Panic & Worry ISBN 978-1572243729 [13]
Bowring Janine 2004 Naturopathic Detoxification: A Guide to Cleansing the Body, Mind & Spirit ISBN 978-1897025147 [14]
Brame Joel 2005 Modern World Modern Health ISBN 978-0976860105 [15]
Brownstein Arlen, Shoemaker Donna and O'Laoire Sean 2001 Rosacea: Your Self-Help Guide ISBN 978-1572242241 [16]
Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy 2005 Yogic & Naturopathic Treatment for Common Ailments ASIN: B002BBH2MK [17]
Chaitow Leon, Bradley Dinah, Gilbert Christopher 2002 Multidisciplinary Approaches To Breathing Pattern Disorders ISBN 978-0443070532 [18]
Chaitow Leon 2001 Fibromyalgia and Muscle Pain, Your Self Treatment Guide ISBN 978-0007115020 [19]
Close Barbara & Gentl & Hyers 2005 Pure Skin: Organic Beauty Basics ISBN 978-0811843485 [20]
D'Adamo Peter J, Whitney Catherine 2004 Arthritis: Fight it with the Blood Type Diet ISBN 978-0399152276 [21]
D'Adamo Peter J & Whitney Catherine 2004 Cancer: Fight It with the Blood Type Diet ISBN 978-0425200070 [22]
De Vries Jan 2005 Asthma and Bronchitis (By Appointment Only) ISBN 978-1840185546 [23]
Dean Carolyn 2005 Hormone Balance: A Woman's Guide To Restoring Health And Vitality ISBN 978-1593373333 [24]
Dean Carolyn, Wheeler L Christine 2005 IBS For Dummies ISBN 978-0764598142 [25]
Dean Carolyn 2004 The Everything Alzheimer's Book: Reliable, Accessible Information for Patients and Their Families ISBN 978-1593370503 [26]
Dunne Nancy, Slater Bill 2005 The Natural Diet Solution for PCOS and Infertility ISBN 978-0977222902 [27]
Friedman Michael 2005 Fundamentals of Naturopathic Endocrinology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine Guide ISBN 1-897025-02-5 [28]
Gardiner Eric 2004 How I Conquered Cancer: A Naturopathic Alternative ISBN 978-1885373113 [29]
Griffith J. Ceabert 2002 50 Ways to Control Migraines : Proven Relief for Adult, Adolescent, and Child Migraine Suffers (50 Ways...Series) ISBN 978-0658021572 [30]
Grimes J. Melanie 2005 Dr. John Bastyr: Philosophy and Practice ISBN 978-0965955041 [31]
Hershoff Asa & Rotelli Andrea 2001 Herbal Remedies: A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies ISBN 978-0895299499 [32]
Hershoff Asa 2000 Homeopathic Remedies, A Quick and Easy Guide to Common Disorders and their Homeopathic Treatments ISBN 978-0895299505 [33]
Hobbs Ron, Bucco Gloria, Barton Anna M, 2000 Natural Treatments for Arthritis ISBN 978-0761524625 [34]
Hoffer Abram 2004 Healing Children's Attention & Behaviour Disorders, Complementary Nutritional & Psychological Treatments ISBN 1-897025-10-6 [35][36]
Hoffer Abram 2004 Healing Schizophrenia, Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments ISBN 1-897025-08-04 [37][38]
Hoffer Abram, with Pauling Linus 2004 Healing Cancer, Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments ISBN 1-897025-11-4 [39][40]
Ivker Robert S. and Nelson Todd 2001 Arthritis Survival: The Holistic Medical Treatment Program for Osteoarthritis ISBN 978-1585420971 [41]
Jensen Karen and Lorna R. Vanderhaeghe 2003 No More HRT: Menopause- Treat the Cause ISBN 978-1550413243 [42]
Kane Emily 2004 Managing Menopause Naturally: Before, During, and Forever ISBN 978-1591200635 [43]
Kaur Sat Dharam, Daylak-Arhanic Mary, Dean Carolyn 2005 The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Women’s Health ISBN 0-7788-0127-6 [44]
Kaur Sat Dharam 2004 The Complete Natural Medicine Guide to Breast Cancer, a practical manual for understanding, prevention & care ISBN 978-0778800804 [45]
Kaur Sat Dharam 2001 A Call to Women: The Healthy Breast Program & Workbook: Naturopathic Prevention of Breast Cancer ISBN 978-1550822564 [46]
Kendall-Reed Penny & Reed Stephen 2004 Healing Arthritis, Complementary Naturopathic, Orthopedic and Drug Treatments ISBN 1-897025-09-2 [47]
Kendall-Reed Penny & Reed Stephen 2004 The New Naturopathic Diet, A Guide for Managing Weight, Preventing Illness & Achieving Optimum Health ISBN 1-897025-12-2 [48]
Kendall-Reed Penny & Reed Stephen 2004 The Complete Doctor's Stress Solution: Understanding, Treating and Preventing Stress-Related Illnesses ISBN 978-0778800965 [49]
Kendall-Reed Penny & Reed Stephen 2002 New Naturopathic Diet: How to Manage Your Weight, Prevent Illness and Achieve Optimum Health ISBN 978-1553663737 [50]
Khalsa Singh Purkh Karta 2004 Body Balance: Vitalize Your Health With Ph Power ISBN 978-0758202673 [51]
Kirschner Rick, Brinkman Rick 2002 Dealing With Relatives (...even if you can't stand them) : Bringing Out the Best in Families at Their Worst ISBN 978-0071377386 [52]
Kirchfeld Friedhelm and Boyle Wade 2005 Nature Doctors: Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 978-0977143504 [53]
Koenig Carola 2005 Specialized Hydro-, Balneo-and Medicinal Bath Therapy ISBN 978-0595365081 [54]
Lloyd, Iva 2005 Messages from the Body, a guide to the energetics of health ISBN 1-59975-134-8 [55]
Lucille Holly 2004 Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Woman's Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health ISBN 978-1890694401 [56]
Lust Louisa 2004 Yungborn Revisited: The Naturopathic Vegetarian Cook Book ISBN 978-1414053196 [57]
Matsen Jonn 2001 Eating alive II: Find the Missing Piece to the Health Puzzle ISBN 978-0968285312 [58]
McKinney Neil 2003 Naturally There's Hope: A Handbook for the Naturopathic Care of Cancer Patients ISBN 978-1412004640 [59]
McLaren Tannis Simply Healthy Cookbook, your resource for healthy meals! [60]
Meletis D. Chris and Brown Liz 2004 Enhancing Fertility: A Couple's Guide to Natural Approaches ISBN 978-1591200543 [61]
Milner Martin 2005 The Menopause Revolution: Smashing the HRT Myth--Natural Alternatives to Manufactured Drug Therapy ISBN 978-1891434204 [62]
Mitchell William 2000 Plant Medicine: Applications of the Botanical Remedies in the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine (Preparatory Manuscript & Clinical Notes, Year 2000 Update) ASIN: B000FOVLA4 [63]
Mitchell William 2003 Plant Medicine in Practice: Using the Teachings of John Bastyr ISBN: 978-0443072383 [64]
Murray Michael T 2003 How to Prevent and Treat Diabetes with Natural Medicine ISBN 978-1573222594 [65]
Murray Michael 2003 How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine ISBN 978-1573223430 [66]
Murray Michael T 2001 The 21st Century Herbal- A Modern Practical Guide to Herbal Medicine (Volume 1) ISBN 978-0943617008 [67]
Murray Michael T, Pizzorno Joseph, Pizzorno LE 2005 Encyclopedia of Healing Foods ISBN 978-0743480529 [68]
Murray MT, Pizzorno JE 2002 Natural Medicine for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer ISBN 1-57322-222-4 Out of Print
Nature's Publishing Group 2002 Naturopathic Secrets of Slowing the Aging Process ISBN 978-1928820147
Newman S. Lisa 2005 Three Simple Steps to Healthy Pets: The Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle ISBN 978-1420863833 [69]
Nick Gina L 2001 Clinical Purification: A Complete Treatment and Reference Manual ISBN 978-0971211803 [70]
Nomm Inga 2005 Health Matters, Naturally ISBN 0-9738925-0-1 [71]
Peiper Howard 2002 Naturopathic Secrets for Building Better Bones ASIN: B000LZDDBW [72]
Peiper Howard, Olarsch Gerald 2002 Naturopathic Secrets of Cancer Control ISBN 978-1928820208 [73]
Pizzorno LE, Pizzorno JE and Murray MT 2002 Natural Medicine Instructions for Patients ISBN 0443071284 [74]
Pizzorno JE, Murray MT and Joiner-Bey H 2001 (revised in 2007) Handbook on Natural Medicine for Physicians ISBN 978-0443067235 [75]
Pizzorno Joseph E, Murray Michael 2005 Textbook of Natural Medicine e-dition: Text with continually updated online reference, 2-volume set ISBN 978-0443069413 [76]
Redmon George L 2000 Energy For Life: How to Overcome Chronic Fatigue ISBN 978-1890612146 [77]
Reed Stephen & Kendall-Reed Penny 2004 The Complete Doctor’s Stress Solution, understanding, treating, and preventing stress and stress-related illnesses ISBN 978-0778800965 [78]
Reed Stephen & Kendall-Reed Penny 2004 The Complete Doctor's Healthy Back Bible: A Practical Manual for Understanding, Preventing and Treating Back Pain ISBN 978-0778800903 [79]
Reichenberg-Ullman Judyth 2000 Whole Woman Homeopathy: The Comprehensive Guide to Treating PMS, Menopause, Cystitis, and Other Problems - Naturally and Effectively ISBN 978-0761524113 [80]
Renders Eileen 2002 RX Prescription for the Successful Alternative Health Care Practitioner ISBN 978-0971155121 [81]
Rivet,Quinn Naturopathic Approaches to Kidney Disease
Roberts M. Susan 2003 Naturopathic pediatric essentials ISBN 978-0974117805 [82]
Robson Terry 2004 An Introduction to Complementary Medicine ISBN 978-1741140545 [83]
Saunders Paul 2002 The Complete Idiot's Guide to Herbal Remedies for Canadians ISBN 0-13-086724-1 [84]
Saxion Valerie 2003 Every Body Has Parasites ISBN 978-1932458008 [85]
Scalzo Richard, Cronin Michael 2001 Herbal Solutions for Healthy Living, a Practical Guide to Using Herbal Solutions Safely and Effectively ISBN 0-9707936-0-X [86]
Schoenbeck Lorilee, Gibson Cheryl, Barss Brooke 2002 Menopause: Bridging the Gap Between Natural and Conventional Medicine ISBN 978-1575668154 [87]
Seier Gerhard Light to Healthy Living: The Naturopathic Approach to Health ASIN: B0013E27KS [88]
Smith Fraser 2001 Fundamentals of Naturopathic Medicine ISBN 978-1550822519 H [89]
Standish Leanna, Calabrese Carlos, Galantino ML 2001 AIDS and Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Current Science and Practice ISBN 978-0443058318 [90]
Steelsmith Laurie, Steelsmith Alex 2005 Natural Choices for Women's Health: How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine Can Create a Lifetime of Wellness ISBN 978-1400047963 [91]
Stengler Angela and Stengler Mark 2003 Your Menopause, Your Menotype : Find Your Type and Free Yourself from the Symptoms of Menopause ISBN 978-1583331583 [92]
Stengler Mark 2002 Natural Physician's Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies that Medical Doctors Don't Know ISBN 978-0735203549 [93]
Trattler Ross and Jones Adrian 2004 Better Health Through Natural Healing: How to Get Well Without Drugs or Surgery ISBN 978-1865152592 [94]
Weatherby Dicken 2004 Signs and Symptoms Analysis from a Functional Perspective: A Question by Question Guide
Weatherby Dicken and Ferguson Scott 2002 Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis: Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective ISBN 978-0976136712 [95]
Wilson, James 2001 Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome ISBN 978-1890572150 [96]
Yarnell Eric 2001 Naturopathic Urology & Men's Health ISBN 0974117838 [97]
Yarnell Eric, Abascal Kathy, Hooper Carol G 2003 Clinical Botanical Medicine ISBN 978-0913113950 [98]
Yarnell Eric 2003 Phytochemistry & Pharmacy for Practitioners of Botanical Medicine ISBN 978-0974117812 [99]
Yarnell Eric, Heron Silena 2000 Nature's Miracle Medicines: Amazing Remedies from Mother Earth ISBN 978-0451199256 [100]
Yarnell Eric, Piscopo Gary 2005 Naturopathic Basic Science Boards Study Manual: 2005 Edition ISBN 978-1933350004 [101]
Yarnell Eric, Piscopo Gary and Neustadt John 2003 Naturopathic Basic Science Boards Study Manual 2003 Version ASIN: B000J6DOPS [102]
Yates Beverly 2000 Heart Health for Black Women by Beverly Yates ISBN 978-1569246191 [103]