The Last Quack

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LastQuack Ballard.jpg
Author: Tom Ballard
Published: October 7, 2009
Publisher: CreateSpace
Number of pages: 210 pages
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Product Description:

Kate Turner, naturopathic physician, discovers that tripping over a dead body may be hazardous to her health, especially when the dead woman was researching the same medicinal mushroom. Kate thinks the death was accidentally, but the police and press feel otherwise. Next comes an attempt to make her into a traffic accident, a near kidnapping, and pursuit by a drug lord as she travels between Thailand and Seattle trying to save the Yumyum mushroom and everyone around it. If this weren't enough, her longtime boyfriend, Mitch, finds another girlfriend, and the ageless Dr. G is whispering "murder." The only bright spot might be that Captain Mansung, the fascinating Thai policeman, keeps showing up to save her. While unraveling the mystery, and applying her Tai Chi to 'real life', Kate learns that holistic medicine is part of the broader, sometimes dangerous, weave a life. Peppered throughout the story are various herbal and natural treatments.

About the author:

Tom Ballard, RN, ND, graduated from Bastyr University (Kenmore, Washington) in 1982 and is the director of Pure Wellness Centers ( He has lectured internationally, and his articles have appeared in various publications. Tom is the author of Nutrition 1-2-3: Three proven diet wisdoms for losing weight, gaining energy and reversing aging (CreateSpace, 2009).